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Fed Up With Trump's Knickers and Insults


Fed Up With Trump's Knickers and Insults

Hypocrisy, thy name is: Turns out the racist ghoul who unceasingly reviles and trash-talks undocumented immigrants has lots of 'em working at his tacky clubs, including one Victorina Morales, who for years has made his bed, cleaned his toilet, dusted his (bought) golf trophies and toiled to get orange make-up off his shirts. Now, she's bravely speaking up: "We are tired of the abuse, the insults, the way he talks about us when (we) are here helping him make money."


This mistreatment is a syndrome of the “blue” blooded WASP who can’t help think anyone else is inferior. These women had guts to come out the way they did and may they inspire and prick the conscience of the comfortable in the US.


A golden opportunity for d-party reps to continuously hammer on Trump’s hypocrisy for weeks on end.

But really, the d-party doesn’t do messaging very well, so…


This is where the rubber meets the road. Victorina Morales - thank you. The demand for levels of dignity just received a major breath of fresh air. May your message echo through every hall and office and inspire the millions at every level of the system to speak truth to power.


I read their message loud and clear … F#@! democracy as a shield for crass plundering. Its ‘government’ premised on how fast you can dive in, take, and start manipulating the next abandonment variation on wash, rinse repeat…

These characters seem to have a component of pushing everyone and everything closer to the edge with each and every action - written into their methodologies. The ultimate wall we seem to be directed toward being some sort of test to see if there is a call for a national shutdown.


He would need to have an IQ over 3 to figure that out!


And they don’t do hammering at all, except to progressive candidates.


This is exactly what she meant, if we could have heard her. This is from Berkeley in the 1960s and this would be the Hispanic lady if she was a man in the 1960s . It’s exactly what Wisconsin is feeling now too. : )



Wouldn’t it be something if all of the downtrodden workers in wealthy people’s homes and businesses would suddenly decide they wouldn’t take it anymore and walked out? The wealthy would have to learn how to clean a toilet, or replace the roll of toilet paper in the dispenser. Either that, or have to hire somebody, not an immigrant, who would demand a living wage for the work.
*It would be fun to watch Joe Gotrocks come home from a day of wheeling, dealing and lying, to be told by his wife to weed the front lawn, there was going to be a party tomorrow.
*Meanwhile, she is trying to read through a cookbook to find the hors d’oeuvre recipes, then find the ingredients to make them.
*Oh yes, one of them would have to wash the windows in the living room.
*I know, it probably wouldn’t happen, but it is fun to think of these people, who do all of their work by snapping their fingers in front of the maid, gardener or chef and giving it no further thought, to learn how to do it themselves.


It would “be something if all of the downtrodden workers in wealthy people’s homes and businesses would suddenly decide they wouldn’t take it anymore and walked out”. I cannot see the wealthy temporarily doing any house work though, some things just aren’t done by some people, however I can just as easily imagine them wondering if this “situation” could be declared a national emergency and have the national guard and military personal brought in and applied to the tasks until the head hunters/importers could bring in the fresh workers. Hiring someone at a living wage is barely an option to consider, these families did not get wealthy by wasting money paying fair and living wages to their house staff.


What would the ghostly orange makeup be covering? Obviously Trump is still alive. The orange is not the right color for formaldehyde, although a dye might have been added, possibly an orange dye that gives him the closest match possible in all lights to a healthy human skin color. It might be scary or sad to see Trump with his orange makeup removed.


All that money and they do not afford for themselves staff who are proud and loyal and happy to work for them in their home.


Of course not! To get a proud, loyal and happy staff, they would have to treat them like human beings, pay them well, and talk with them, not at them.
*Remember, when all you’ve got is a few billion in the bank, it is a waste of money to pay your staff well. Just keep them hungry, miserable and despised. If they object, just throw them away and dragoon some more poor people to take their place. It seems to have become, “The American Way.”
*I wish I could see this turning around, but with the duopoly being the running dogs for the ubermenchen and all of the propaganda convincing We the People that you should only vote for the duopoly and any support of a people’s party, whatever called, is just a waste of your vote, the duopoly wins every time. I just hope that we last long enough for We the People to wake up and do what is right for a change. Leave the duopoly and their wealthy masters in the dustbin of history and rebuild our nation and government.


Yes you would think they would be physically afraid of people they do not treat well. That said slaves would murder them in their beds or… do just what these two ladies have done… all in all I do not find the wealthy very intelligent overall. Sure they have some savant- like skills to amass wealth and therefore power but overall intelligence eludes them. As does basic morality of course.
Even my own sister, whose spouse has made a bit of the green shall we say, has a trump-like attitude towards the people that do work for them around their 5 acre mini gentleman’s ‘farm’. She was NOT raised that way but when the bucks started rolling in my mom and I mentioned how she was changing towards nearly everyone. Money corrupts. Even those with a steady morality based upbringing. It destroys empathy and humility. I see it every day.


Me thinks that in the next election cycle it would be useful to send reporters to the various homes of the presidential candidates to interview their staff and report to us on how their staff is treated, this being useful and relevant information to anyone who might be subjected to their rule under the justifications of the current electoral system. We would be foolish to expect that anyone who allows his or her staff to be treated poorly would not much worry if we are treated poorly under their rule if he or she were put in position to be able to lord it over us.


The thought occurs to me these ladies should have sought out a source of some kind of itching power and kindly spread it over every garment in the so called President’s closet just before they spoke out . ;). The thought makes me smile…


Years ago I learned from playing the Monopoly game how easy and mindless it was to play once one had amassed sufficient wealth and property that one could extract enough rent from the other players that mostly all and more of their income went to paying me rent.

As for the wealthy being physically afraid of people that they do not treat well I expect that does provide some restraint on the wealthy. When one treats others poorly it is realistic and practical to have some paranoia.

At times I have been poor and homeless. When that was followed by a decent paying job I noted with a bit of surprise how my attitudes to others tended to change with my improved circumstances. I have never been well off enough to know what my attitudes and behaviours would be if I were wealthy.


She’s stealing our jobs! Let’s get some white people in there cleaning his gold toilet and polishing his cuff links. I’m sure they’d love to make 13 bucks per hour! (Satire)


After all that KFC and those Big Macs – ewwwww – he’d have to pay me a lot more than 13 bucks an hour! (Pretend these words are a happy face)


This would definitely be the right way to handle the narcissistic hoarding dregs, but being the truly evil being I am, I would prefer cooking up a fine dish laced with arsenic. (Insert happy face here)