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Federal Agencies Warned of White Supremacist Threat in May

Federal Agencies Warned of White Supremacist Threat in May

Julia Conley, staff writer

A government intelligence report obtained by Foreign Policy shows that federal law enforcement agencies expressed concern earlier this year about the domestic threat white supremacist groups posed and would continue to pose.

Free college education and healthcare and a Universal Basic Income would certainly help to alleviate the problem of young, disaffected and jobless White Supremacists. Turning to the military for a job makes them killing machines, recruits for Nationalists and mercenaries.

In an Imperial war economy with a huge military budget, these killing machines are highly prized and called “heroes”. They are frequently used by white corporate conservatives in their war on liberals, socialists, environmentalists, minorities and on other countries.

Direct Democracy


This is going to be rather tough due to the presence of so many of these racists in the ranks of the cops, no?


Autonomous democracy is another way to look at direct democracy. Autonomous democracy can be planted any time of year any where. It plugs directly into physics and the information age. Autonomous democracy. It’s organic. Don’t wait.

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White supremacist groups are all over in our federal, state and local ( county ) prison systems. They’re in there in droves. This is where they are incubated. And, we are breeding and nurturing more of them and their obtuse absurdities every year by doing the following, imo:
treating them like white rats in some sick, gov’t funded laboratory experiment, gone completely off the publicly-owned rails. And, into a right-of-way ditch on an abandoned spur or an old mining sidetrack. Why are we doing this type of tired out dumb, exactly?
Why would you arrest punkish drug-selling teenagers, scrawny-assed minority gang members, white kids from broken homes who are stuck on stupid, young women from minority communities looking for connection, and drug addled, brain damaged young teeny-boppers from well-to-do white suburbia and throw them into an overtly racist PIC ( Prison Industrial Complex ) run by a bunch of closeted and sick white supremacists, juandiced and jaded overworked social workers and various uniformed, well-paid hangers-on. Is it about the gov’t $$$$? Those federal block-grant program $$? Is this the best use of our skinny money and time?
Starting, of course, with the initial intake ( first contact ) and then moving the mixed-up along the drag chain; into a flaundering system already overwhelmed and with the largest number of inmates, parollees, ex-convicts and an otherwise court-supervised sub-population in the entire world ( we’re No.1 ) Why would you try to solve a problem that starts young and try to fix it with a failed model, déeply rooted in an overtly segregated past and in the hierarcharies of privilege and favored status. Who thinks this was a great idea? Change this god awful mess first, ok?
And then, the long hard slog can begin. Just sayin’.


I love your posts! You see the world the way it is. It’s like Woody Guthrie’s lyrics, and that’s a high bar!

Well, if everyone “knew” white supremacists were trouble, why didn’t the governor deploy more police and security measures. If this was a black-lives-matter rally you would’ve seen wall-to-wall policing complete with SWAT teams, armored vehicles and shit like that.

I say trump should fire McAuliffe for incompetence and dereliction of duty.

This is the 2nd or 3rd warning every year that white supremacists pose a threat. Each time the warning is fought against and stifled. These people kill more americans than any islamic attack in the US. They are serious about overthrowing the government and keeping the majority of people from having any say in the government. Plus they also state that either people would leave or there would be genocide against those they hate.
And these people hate furiously. The list of enemies is long. And if they win power, many would die.
Hitler won power with a small minority, far less than the white nationalists have now. They are trump’s base which is why he didn’t want to condemn them. And the white nationalists have a lot of support in white america.

The war on drugs is one of the worse wars we have been fighting. It is like we didn’t learn anything from prohibition, all we do is create more ‘criminals’ to lock up in for profits prisons. And we create a never ending cycle of violence and poverty.

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It probably will indeed be tough but at least this resolution from the Illinois State Senate is a step in the right direction. Hopefully they do use it as a stepping stone to getting any fascists out of the ranks of their police departments. That action has been long past due for a long time.

One thing we must be watchful for is that in the State’s effort to squash Neo-Nazi domestic terrorists, that they don’t continue their slippery slope of outlawing free speech and freedom of assembly. It doesn’t take much for a rally to be seen by the Police state as potentially violent to the point where the militarized troops are brought in with their pepper spray, water cannons, tear gas and rubber bullets.

Let’s not turn a blind eye to the trampling of free speech just because we disagree with what the protesters are saying. This may just be a distraction to get some of us on the Left to allow more of our Freedoms to be taken away because the skulls being bashed happen to belong to Nazis this time!


Yes, he should be removed from office, although it’s not Trump who should do it. The people of Virginia should.
Any rallies I’ve ever attended prohibit even wooden sticks to carry your signs!!! And yet this group had announced way ahead of time that they would be coming to town armed!!! WHY WAS THIS PERMITTED? Why wasn’t it announced by the city authorities, who apparently said they’d been preparing for the demonstration, that all arms would be confiscated?
This violence was expected, and allowed.

I admire your optimism. You see “a step in the right direction.” I see window dressing–meaningless words. Law enforcement in the U.S. is and always has been deeply, institutionally racist. I don’t see that changing.

The war on drugs is to Jim Crow as Jim Crow was to slavery. That is to say that the war on drugs is the latest manifestation of hundreds of years of pure racism that is the very foundation of this nation. Communities of color are not collateral damage in the war on drugs. They are the deliberate target.


Odd, isn’t it? In August and September 2011, GW Bush was warned by Intelligence about an impending terror attack on the US, and he ignored it, too. He and Trump must be blood brothers. Republicans both.

And brothers from the same mother as they are both more than one standard deviation below the mean!

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If our military budget did not take up so many of our tax dollars, and if we taxed the 1% who can afford far more taxes and don’t deserve more tax cuts, America would be greater than we can imagine. We’d be healthy, educated, happy, with reasonable incomes, and all would be able to take advantage of real opportunities. Much of the anger of those affected by racism and sexism and other discriminatory realities would dissipate.

We’d also need laws to keep a check on left-over fraudsters and cheats and murderers – the bad guys who wouldn’t be interested in America’s core values. There will probably be some the likes of who exist even now. We don’t want another DJT to grow out of the benefits for all.


America could be great if the 99% made ALL the laws. At the very least, we should be able to approve or disapprove of laws by e-referendums before these are enacted, a proven solution:

Fortunately, Trump cannot fire governors. Where are you from?

No disagreement here, it was a way to make black men criminals which keeps them down. I did some research on it once, drugs are used by whites in the same ratio as black people do. It was about 27% of the population for both. For the same type of drugs. But only one is seen as a criminal while the other is a victim. When white people get caught with drugs, there are ways out of jail. But not for blacks which is why our prisons hold mostly black men. It is why more black men are shot by police out of proportion to population size.
If white people were killed by police or jailed in proportion to population, the laws would be changed fast. And there wouldn’t be a war on drugs.

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