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Federal Contract Workers Need the Protection of the Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces Rule


Federal Contract Workers Need the Protection of the Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces Rule

Celine McNicholas

Last week, Senator Warren, joined by her colleagues Senator Murray and Senator Sanders, asked Attorney General Sessions to open a criminal investigation into the deaths and serious injuries of workers employed by VT Halter Marine, Inc., a shipbuilder with United States Navy contracts.


Next to Social Security and Medicare, the EPA and OSHA have been at the top of the GOP's hit list at least since the turn of the millennium.

Expect the GOP controlled Congress to take rapid and severe action on all of those fronts while Trump is distracting us with his daily antics and edicts.


That seems to be the plan, and the MSM is going along with it.


I have dealt with Right To Work law in Indiana for about a decade and Pundits seem to think it is that it all about Unions and Union busting. The more profound effect of Right to Work Laws is that Senior people can be Fired For No Reason but that they are making more money than New Workers. I was an Emergency Services Caseworker and heard many stories of a Teacher taking a year off for her adopted child and was told she was too expensive to rehire. Another Social Worker at a local Mental Health Center was told to either quit, or be fired. If she quit they told her she could work for them part time. She was told that two recent university graduates could be hired for her salary. Both women had eight years work history with their employers. Two Thousand State Food Stamp and Medicaid Caseworkers in Indiana, had their jobs privatized. Most of those people were women of thirty years experience in those jobs. They were given a song and dance but in the end, after three years, they were all Temp Workers with no benefits or retirement. Indiana is a Right To Work State. These were dedicated Caseworkers who were there for, and knew each one of their caseload. Not only were they screwed, but so were the Elderly people with no family to help them as they aged and became forgetful and hard of hearing. The Elderly and disabled and mentally limited clients were told to call a Call Center. Almost 25% of those eligible for food stamps and medicaid, were unable to deal with a Call Center. (and those working at the Call Center, were given 3 minutes "to resolve a call". ) It all happened with a Right To Work Law. Point being that the Republicans are set to pass a Federal Right To Work Law so this Contract Workers concern is a Mote Point.