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Federal Court Blocks Trump's "Bizarre Attempt to Encourage Toxic Tailpipe Pollution"

Federal Court Blocks Trump's "Bizarre Attempt to Encourage Toxic Tailpipe Pollution"

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

A federal court on Monday stopped another of the Trump administration's attacks on clean air—its indefinite delay of stricter penalties for automakers producing vehicle fleets that don't meet fuel efficiency standards.

"Today's court order is a big win for New Yorkers' and all Americans' health and environment," declared New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.


Does that estimate take into account a rising population, and hence a rising number of cars on the road, or is
it based on the assumption that the number of gasoline-powered vehicles will remain the same as it is today?  OTOH, Detroit may find that more and more people are willing to pay extra for hybrid and all-electric cars, so MAYBE the free market will compel the automakers to change, with or without gubmint interference.   Fewer and fewer people are smoking cancer-causing cigarettes, so MAYBE fewer and fewer people will continue to drive cancer-causing gas-burning cars.  But that would imply significant improvements to alternative forms of transportation, especially our highly efficient but rapidly deteriorating railroads — improvements that are very unlikely to happen under the rule of Presidunce Tweetle-Dumb and his pro-korporate henchpersons . . . 
(See https://www.commondreams.org/views/2017/08/02/trumping-our-trains.)

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I suspect court victories will be harder to come by as Trump stacks the judiciary with cronies of the auto/fossil fuel barons, and one more Supreme Court appointment and that will be lost too. Is it somewhat of a consolation that many who supported Trump and the GOP will be stuck with less fuel efficient cars that are more expensive to run?

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If only a federal court would block trump himself!

Folks, choose one or two environmental organizations and donate all you can to them. This article cites NRDC and Center for Biological Diversity, both of whom have taken the miscreants to court. Other organizations are working hard to hold back the Dump intents to ruin the environment…EDF, Environmental Defense Fund; Greenpeace; Sierra Club; Earth Justice; Defenders of Wildlife; and more. Google ‘environmental organizations’ or a similar term or go to Charity Navigator to check out environmental organizations.

They all NEED money to carry out their vital work.