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Federal Court Dismisses Trump Claim That Immigrant Children Aren't Entitled to Soap and Toothbrushes

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/15/federal-court-dismisses-trump-claim-immigrant-children-arent-entitled-soap-and

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Same thing Nazi Germany did to the Jews – denied anyone
selling the soap.

But you can’t claim that someone is “filthy” if you give them soap
cause they’ll actually use it, if they can also find water.

So will this be appealed to SCOTUS so Roberts & Co. can find governmental authority to torture children under originalist jurisprudence?


Matthew 19:14 King James Version (KJV)

14 But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.

The rest of the world must be quite astonished that some Americans consider Trump and his thugs to be civilized humans, let alone worthy of being elected president.

To me it’s amazing that Democrats are having such difficulty figuring out how to defeat him.


when will the damn dems think we have suffered enuf shame under this shameless so-called president and get off their big rumps and do their duty as our congress? yes that means you pelosi and you schumer and you hoyer. no better inmho than the frog face man who rules the senate as they work with him do to continue to damage our country. fie on the all! GO BERNIE!


The utter lack of common decency or empathy, understanding or morality from this hideous regime is beyond any reason. It is beyond any redemption or understanding, they all should be imprisoned without such “unnecessary” items of all sorts for a very, very long time!


Outrage? Anyone?

Are we collectively the kind of people who can see tiny children abused and fail to step forward in their defense? Are we the sort of people who eagerly torture and kill tiny little innocent children because our government says its our duty? Are we the sort who pay an organization with our hard earned money that in turn kidnaps, tortures, and kills tiny little innocent children? The answer to every question here is a resounding, emphatic, exuberant YES!

The only exception is the part about the outrage, nothing apparently will ever drive us to that point.

There are few countries on Earth today I would be more embarrassed to have been born in than this one. Even China has the courage and moral integrity among its population to stand up to its oppressive government. There is not a single molecule of courage or decency in this cesspool of corruption and greed, not one.


Well gee since we need to send our children to school with bulletproof backpacks why should we take care of those children who belong to the invaders ???

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A very necessary vision and truth, a lesson hopefully, of where we are and how we came to find ourselves here, and who brought us to this place. We reap what we sow and if there is any Karma in the world, it should bear heavily beyond measure on those who do evil, but enlarge the fighters for truth and wisdom. Those who turn a blind-eye, who avoid or deny the truth and evade responsibility to act in the face of such evil and maltreatment of others bear a whole other burden of guilt and shame.

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If anyone needs an accurate definition of a whore I would offer up that video. What a disgusting human being.


anyone who doesn’t share this sentiment should join them in prison until the end of time, and without electricity, heat, air conditioning, mail, television, visitation, medical support, indoor plumbing, recreation, windows, light, sanitized water, laundry, or reading or writing material, or even without the pleasure of each others company. There is no excuse for this, none!


It really bothers me that sleep depravation is not listed as a top issue----this is torture! And democrats just handed 5 billion to Trump for the border without demanding these fixes----WHY? Guess they thought their 4 th July vacation more important. I am going to have a hard time voting for my democratic Congressman because he voted for it----and he is a doctor.


Hi Unmentionables:
Oh my, if that happened and SCOTUS and Roberts & Co. agreed with with Trump &co, then I am pretty sure that SCOTUS would surely find itself TOTALLY out of toilet paper. Gosh they would just have to handle their own S***, I guess. : )