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Federal Court Overturns Landmark Ruling on NSA Spying



Fourth Amendment

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Maybe it is just about time the People remind these Thug FU-Ks of this "National Security State" and the cheap Whores in Congress that OUR Constitution is NOT just A "goddamn old piece of paper" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


More and more I feel like ever since Bush /Cheney that there is a permanent security elite - a part of the permanent governing elite - who consider themselves as our government and who see the people not as the USA's government of, by and for ... but as interfering in the decisions that the permanent governing elite makes. There is a secret intelligence elite - who do not want to have to account for what they do, so they simply declare whatever they do as classified simply because they said so and it is easier then to do what they want without interference

This permanent governing elite (two candidates are inheritors vyng for this term's throne. The Bush's and the Clintons. You'd think that with 300+ million people in this country that we'd have more people to choose from than the families of former presidents. It is like they are rival claimants to the throne.

I think all Americans should worry about a secret permanent elite in government. I'd wager that nepotism is rampant in Washington and who you know and who you are related to and married to etc... decides who gets appointed to various upper level jobs. I'd also wager that as each new president comes in that these people simply shift from one job to another as if they are in a restricted hiring pool and there is no one else to hire except them..


This is what JFK was up against- It was as if the entire Government was against him-
Maybe the Nazis did win the 2nd-WW after all- Even if Sanders were to be elected, just look at what he is up against- Much has happened since the JFK triangulated crossfire assassination- The Secretive Security State has grown in leaps and bounds-
The technology alone is beyond scary- I think we are headed for one rough ride, but there are still many good and smart people in Government and the private sector that are watching our backs...Global Warming may just throw one huge wrench into their plans, and sadly ours too-

It is hard to see any good in all of this- I am just about at wits end in figuring out any positive change- It would almost have to come from some sort of Power beyond and outside of us-


I seriously think that global warming will change practically everything. More and more I am seeing that our usual way of doing things for everything is going to be a wreck. The status quo will be confronted by everything being different. It is like Katrina putting the hurt on everywhere all at once. In twenty years it will be insane. Everything you read about now from refugees to sea level rise to civil unrest to wars and conflicts but tripled maybe worse. Nothing will be normal after a certain point. It is so strange that the greed of fossil fuel investors and the blindness of conservatives will destroy their own economic universe while ruining the planet for everyone. Do oil companies expect to keep drilling twenty years from now? Yes they do. They believe their own lies and expect to be drilling for oil in 2050. They don't believe global warming is all that serious and they will only face that it is when it is too late to save their economic model.

What a f'n mess things will be in twenty years. I am in awe as I watch it. After reading Sci Fi all my life, I am watching it happen in the real world.

Too bad I'm so old. Twenty years is an infinity for me but good luck people... it'll be worse than we imagine. We were warned amazingly enough. Greed will destroy us and so it is.

Ain't I a cheerful fuck...lol.


Yes, Jonny, "there is no way to constrain the Deep State", since there is no way to start a successful Second American Revolution against the 'Deep State'.

The only way a successful Second American Revolution will ever be ignited and backed by a sufficient percentage of Americans will be exactly as the first American Revolution was started against Empire (it was the British Global Empire then that drove colonial 'subjects' in America to confront that earlier Empire), but it will be the far better disguised Global Crony-Capitalist Empire HQed in, and 'posing as', our former country that is the only oppressive Empire which will eventually be understood and acted against by all Americans in a Second (but non-violent) American Revolution against EMPIRE!

The awareness of this modern internal Empire is the only thing that will start the essential Second American Revolution against Empire.


What if I told you it is still going on strong.


It's a Catch-22. The information collected is classified so you can't prove that they've collected your data, even though they're collecting everyone's data. Without that proof you have no standing to bring the case. So, everyone's spied on and no one can bring a court case.


Wereflea, great post -- I understand where you're coming from. I'm 65 and, with three chronic health conditions, am near my life expectancy. I'm really at peace with the idea too. What I forsee happening is going to be ugly. The world really is at a tipping point, more ways than one. I'm glad I won't be here to see it.


I see those three chronic health conditions and raise you two...sigh! A game neither of us want to win! Lol. 65 !!! Boy are you old! Wow! I won't be 65 for at least another few months so I have no idea of what things look like from that relatively ancient viewpoint (ha ha! cough...cough...ha ...cough...ha ... Ow ... I think I hurt myself laughing...lol). I prefer not to think of myself as ancient but more of a living antique... wink

In other words madam... we are both in the same boat and empathize. At least we are except for that last sentence of yours. After a life time of science fiction books and films (was there another form of fiction? Why didn't someone tell me?) I have to admit the advent of the apocalypse has me curious. I'm such a putz about it. I wanna see. I don't want to sit in my apartment during a brown out with temperatures in the triple digits and the humidity so high that water refuses to evaporate ...um...i'm not that curious.

Mostly ...and I hope you will join me, we can sit in the back and raise eyebrows at each other in meaningful ways and chuckle merrily causing great consternation among any young folks who keep whispering 'Why don't those two behave'? ...

Mostly I want to see whether Bernie can actually become president. He has ever been a progressive - one of us - lo, these many decades and like us has seen how America is threatened with the loss of democracy (If He gets in I'm going to write him a letter requesting he push for civics to be taught in schools again. I happen to have hated it but am damn glad I learned what I did because practically no young people know how things work which is one reason why they have no idea of how to change things.).

I'd like to see Bernie's first term. I'd like to see him do all those things people like us have hoped for all these years. Everything from possibly appointing a progressive Supreme Court justice (or two or three if Scalia gets committed to the loony bin) and appointing federal judges and heads of the various agencies and all the rest that is needed to repair the damage done by the four republican terms (Bush/Cheney and Obama) that we will have lived through.

I'd like to be around to see Bernie institute a carbon tax and move to abolish fossil fuel subsidies. I'd like to be around to see how Bernie makes college tuition free and strengthen our country's future and push for single payer and all the other things he'd do.

I'd die feeling hopeful then. I'd die believing that when push came to shove that people's common sense triumphed over the excessive and fatalistic greed of a few oligarchs.

Hope we talk again ... um... Babe!!!

(maybe after a nap...heh heh ...cough...Ow !!!

"<^ (raised eyebrow in a meaningful manner) innocent


There is a real problem here. the government has admitted that the NSA sweeps up everybody's e-mails, and phone calls, so how the hell does an appeals court get the audacity to say that any amerikan citizen does not have standing to bring suit? The problem is that neither the republicans or democrats would even think of impeaching the judges that handed down this ruling!
Here's another thought about this ruling. Were any of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit judges members of the FISA Court? If so, why did they not recuse themselves? Hearing the case would definitely be a conflict of interest. OK, none of the three judges who heard this case were FISA Court members. Checked their names against the named judges on the FISA Court home page. That still doesn't mean that there haven't been any cases. I guess it's just something more we'll need to keep our eyes on!