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Federal Court Rules Trump Effort to Detain Man Indefinitely Without Charges 'Cannot Withstand Constitutional Scrutiny'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/29/federal-court-rules-trump-effort-detain-man-indefinitely-without-charges-cannot


"The government tried to continue his detention, arguing he was a threat to national security even after his original sentence had been served. "

“National security”–read reveal the government’s gross incompetence and outright ability to feign being afraid of a man who has been sequestered for a sufficient period of time to have surely lost any connections that he was alleged to have had. Amateur hour.


The fact that the US government attempted to keep this person imprisoned for life, shows that America is but one tick of the political clock away from full-on despotism.

We all need to keep funding the legal support system and organizations that fight for freedom and justice.


Hey the billion dollar arms industries and war machine - a bondoggle to the tune of tens of trillions of dollars, extraction on inconceivable scales and mendacious as the day is long, require the constant ginning of enemies and fabrication out of whole cloth until they spur the parallel universe required for colonization of the hell for which they work so arduously.

If there is a god, please them full circle like lickety split before they utterly and completely along with the fossil fuel industry make their snuff-film auto eroticism auto extinction of the planet.

Love thy neighbor and stop with the bull shit.


Hi theoldgoat:
I like what Hillel said: " Do unto others, everything else is commentary…" : )

“…a man held in U.S custody for nearly two decades and who the Trump administration has attempted to indefinitely detain since 2017 using a never-before-used section of the PATRIOT Act…”

“In 2017… completed a 15-year sentence for charges of providing material support to terrorist activities—a sentence that came after he faced years of FBI surveillance and was based on questionable allegations. The government tried to continue his detention, arguing he was a threat to national security even after his original sentence had been served.”

The Nuremberg Trials, prosecution of prominent members of the political, military, judicial, and economic leadership of Nazi Germany from 1945 to 1946. Wonder when and where the world will try U.S.despots. I don’t just mean Trump and his goons. We’re loooong overdue.


No one is safe.

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“One man’s tyranny is another man’s Patriot Act…” —Freeopinions, Arizona USA


Nope. This will soon be the fate of all dissenters and anyone else the government finds problematic. Just another step in this country’s fall into fascism. A fall that feels that will be complete very soon.

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this must mean we can finally liberate the whole gulag- Bagram, black sites, and yes by sall means Guantanamo! free at last! none of these orisoners was ever charged or saw a lawyer or had a trial… open the gates


“It is sure to abuse it” – Amen! That is the whole argument. Same logic applies to allowing “corporations” to be people and to choose to do the “right” thing. Never happen!!! Money and power will usually result in a spiral down to ones lesser angels…actualy, demons. That is why we NEED regulation and checks and balances!

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