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Federal Court Ruling in Rhode Island Suit Targeting Polluters Called 'More Evidence of the Momentum Behind Climate Accountability Cases'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/29/federal-court-ruling-rhode-island-suit-targeting-polluters-called-more-evidence

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Southeastern New England sticks pretty far out into the ocean, so that we could someday see a category 5 hurricane coming out of the south or from the southeast. We’re such a small state that half of Rhode Island’s houses are in hurricane zones. Next, Narragansett Bay is long and shallow, which means that Providence’s hurricane barrier at the top of the bay stands 26 feet above sea level. We can get a really nasty funneling effect up the bay. We’re pretty safe behind the barrier so far, but if the ocean rises 11 feet and we get a big enough hurricane then all of the second floor loft apartments in downtown Providence are going to contain menhaden and striped bass.

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One domino, just one, and then watch for the coming tsunami. Conservatives knew this would be coming which further explains there scotus behavior. Too big to fail energy money dries up, so will the gop.

Fossil fuel Giants need not worry Judge Barrett is on the way.