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Federal Crackdown in Portland Provokes Solidarity Protests Across the Country

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/26/federal-crackdown-portland-provokes-solidarity-protests-across-country


There’s a reason to be somewhat hopeful. The Tangerine Twit and his enablers are completely incompetent in all things, so it’s likely this whole charade will do nothing more than unite people against him and lead to a rout in November. Let’s hope it comes with a minimum number of deaths and injuries.


Thank you Americans across the country for standing in solitary with Portland, Oregon. Keep it moving across all of American cities big and small and keep it peaceful. Please no violence.


Very well said…THANK YOU! I would only add that we Progressive, keyboard warriors, need to join these peaceful BLM protestors.


Addressing the conditions in Portland, Amelia Clute, one of the speakers, said that “to have that type of free speech responded to with literal force by the federal government is something that’s really being downplayed by a lot of news sources… We can’t lose track of how serious and grave of a situation that could turn into: The beginnings of true fascism.”

Amelia Clute: SO DAMN TRUE! In my opinion Amelia, not the beginning of fascism; the results of Amerikan, fascism that started a long time ago with the assassinations of JFK, MLK and RFK, Not to mention 58,000 brave American soldiers MURDERED in Vietnam for what is now admitted as an egregious, LIE!


Of course “Trump sends border agents to Seattle”. Prior to 9-11 there were a half dozen US Border Patrol personnel stationed at each of the many rural US/Canada border crossings. After 9-11 those sleepy outposts were expanded tenfold and the facilities expanded to the point that they were often as big as the respective border town. When one of my co-workers asked one of these agents what these agents actually do, the agent responded that they ride horses and ATVs in the summer, and ride snowmobiles in the winter. Its a retirement gig for agents who put their time in down on the Mexican border.


Most certainly.


The irony here is impossible to ignore. The most criminal administration and president in American history are declaring themselves the “law and order party.” Trump and his GOP enablers are guilty of defrauding veterans enrolled in Trump’s bogus universities, sexual assaults against numerous women, election tampering with foreign adversaries, insider Wall Street trading, money laundering—the list is too long to complete here. A better and more appropriate description of Trump and his GOP enablers would be the one social critic and linguist Noam Chomsky provided when he wrote, “the Republican Party is the most dangerous organization in human history.”


My heart goes out to my former hometown. Stand strong PDX!


But, for Trump and the Republicans it was supposed to be the way it was for Hitler and the Nazis, in the sense that jobs and business opportunity were going to win this election and promote his popularity. Corona virus put an end to that and now Andrew Cuomo is looking like the hero.

So, like Nixon, he has to become the “law and order” President. Trouble is, there are too many people like you who just can’t buy that bull shit.


And now Trump is proposing to widen the Border Patrols jurisdiction to 200 miles and that would include many US cities like Seattle, San Diego and others.


Believe me Shanti i would be there if i wasn’t so far away. (I’m with you in spirit though.)


Seattle’s progressive/left community is a tough and fearless one and very inventive when it comes to fighting reactionary forces. I’ll get my walker ready and my cane. That’s to distract them into thinking we are harmless…


In 2007 Dubya wanted to “widen the US Border Patrol’s jurisdiction to 200 miles” AND make all environmental regulations null and void in that 200 mile area. Trump, Moscow Mitch, and their organized crime syndicate disguised as the GOP are already close to fullfilling that environmental regulation travesty…everywhere in murka, not just along borders.

During the 1999 battle of Seattle I met many creative people that I have been friends with ever since.

That battle lasted less than two weeks…we are in for the long haul on this one.


The Portuguese could teach America a thing or two about bloodless revolutions:



LOL. I know, you’ve got flame throwers on your walker and poisoned darts on the end of your cane.


True, I saw this when they totally shut down the WTO when I was in Seattle during what was called the battle in Seattle.


Shhhhht, wings, the enemy reads these posts, too…,.


So they should read this:



Is it my imagination or is Portland 2020 fast becoming the Boston of 1776?