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Federal Investment for Public Health—or for Endless Wars?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/07/federal-investment-public-health-or-endless-wars

The US Government bases such decisions on “which policy will generate the highest profits for the investor class”. As far as it is concerned the answer is “Military Spending and endless wars”.

One can make the sanest , most compassionate and logical arguments in favor of investing in Public health and none of that will register on them. Everything is secondary to money given the economic system is called “Capitalism”.


For decades the military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) has been the largest recipient of US corporate welfare. Much of the corporate welfare money disguised as the “defense spending” is allocated “off budget”, often in the dark of night. Even with the “in budget” MIMIC funding, any discussion or challenging of funding is viewed as treason and not allowed.

Congressional protocol for discussion of public health, single payer medical insurance, and other “domestic programs” is limited to heads MIMIC wins, tails “domestic programs” lose.


The question is a moot one to say the least. The question I would ask is why has the AMERICAN PEOPLE allowed themselves to lose their country that they claim to love?

We have 11 (count 'em) Carrier Groups…with 20 commissioned aircraft carriers that rotate through them. No other country has more than two carriers, that I know of. But Health Care? That’s too difficult and expensive.

Veteran '66-68

For better than 60 years, the truism that Washington wastes vast sums of money on a warfare juggernaut at the expense of the social good, no matter how often observed, hasn’t deflected ten cents from the maws of “defense” contractors to the mouths of the hungry. Amerikans simply are culturally and emotionally incapable of “getting it.” And if this grotesque feeding of the military beast had little resonance to date, it will have none going forward. In our new age of “Modern Monetary Theory,” the argument that “tax” money spent on defense reduces resources for social programs doesn’t just fail to make a difference. It sounds downright silly. The instantaneous generation of about $13 trillion (“CARES” plus all those little goodies that the Fed and Wall street like to call “facilities”) shows how foolish it is to maintain that there’s some competition between “guns and butter.”

The “defense industrial base” should be strangled not because it robs from sensible, life-promoting social program. It should be killed because it is fundamentally and pathologically driven toward anthropicide.