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Federal Judge Blocks Trump Order Targeting Lawyers Supporting ICC Afghan War Crimes Probe

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/05/federal-judge-blocks-trump-order-targeting-lawyers-supporting-icc-afghan-war-crimes


War criminals one and all!
& the poor people ( poor money wise) who join the military in hopes of a job are permanently warped and twisted after they return to civilization.
Domestic violence, poor people skills, suicide. Or else they join the Cops, and with their kindred spirits so to speak, are a threat to the innocent civilians back at home.

A trial of all the war criminals would go a long way to righting the wrongs.


Biden darn well better overturn this order. It’s time the US joined the world community again.


The U.S.A. was conceived, born, and raised as a predator nation. Parasitism and predation are in its DNA. It has never been part of the world community; it has only (occasionally) pretended to be part of the world community. Its raison d’etre, its telos, its purpose and design, are to convert the natural resources and surplus labours of Earth & Her Peoples into private wealth. To pursue this objective – above all, to succeed at such an objective – requires shredding all vestiges of Social Contract, all vestiges of Earth Contract, all vestiges of morality and truth. It requires disavowing allegiance to a nation, to a people, to a culture, to an ideal. It requires grinding all of humanity through a dark satanic mill that squeezes out every last drop of profitable blood.

The “government” of the U.S.A. was conceived as a corporate nerve center that would serve to coordinate the dispossession of Peoples and Biospheres across the globe, and to “legalize” that dispossession – the global corporate-rentier heist of Earth People’s wealth and power – through national and transnational legal fictions. (When I mention transnational legal fictions, I am reminded that I should credit @zed for drawing attention to this particularly odious layer of colonialist dispossession.)

The U.S. People would begin to join the world community just by starting to admit the awful truth about their government. The process would be long and difficult, but together – as internationalists, as members of One Human Family, one country, Earth – we could make it through.

-tip of the hat to @Edm


Your description of what the US is founded upon and what it’s purpose is are spot on. The US is only concerned with perception, smoke and mirrors. This is why anyone who dares to expose it’s crimes will suffer the consequences.

You seem a truly compassionate person by your remarks - I am not being cynical here in the least.

Unfortunately, I have no sympathy for those of us who join the US military. The job description is basically “… the removal of life from non-Christians, specifically Muslims, as directed by AIPAC.”

Murder for money. That is all it is - barbarism that is unforgivable.

Of course, any and all coverage of international news will be drowned out by the actions of some clowns in DC today. Now, Harris can claim “Victory for the People” on January 20th with her determined jaw, pant suit circus act … and then proceed directly to continuing the bipartisan-approved rape of Venezuela that started under Clinton in 1998 and was intensified by The Drone King in 2015.

We really are The Marching Morons.