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Federal Judge Delivers 'Huge Victory' for Immigrants, Ordering Trump Administration to Fully Restore DACA

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/04/federal-judge-delivers-huge-victory-immigrants-ordering-trump-administration-fully

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Gracias for using the term “undocumented” throughout the article. As I’ve written before, these days the fake-progressives have returned to using the same language as the far-right. Some examples: They use “America/Americans” instead of US/USians which progressives used to use. They used internationals instead of “foreigners.” Servers instead of waiter/waitresses and developing nations instead of the pejorative “Third World.” (There’s only one world that we all live on so how can there possibly be a “third world?”) In many ways, we’ve gone back to the days of the 1940-50s in our language where one can’t tell the difference between those allegedly on the “Left” versus the haters on the far-right.


Next up: Congress will need to pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform, and have this signed into law.


Who’s going to do anything about it when he doesn’t do it?

One battle, one victory and the fight goes on and on. It has always been a struggle for the majority of peoples.


Are you kidding? Jessica Corbett wrote this one – and she’s a real pro. I’m one of the first in line to form a Jessica Corbett fan club, just as soon as there are enough of us to commission some cute hats, or coffee mugs, or something.

I much appreciate your criticism of the common usage America/Americans (pertaining to a single country, rather than the north and south continents). But I’ve never liked to see anything typed which cannot be easily pronounced, so I never type anything like “USians” because nobody (who would like to be understood) ever says such things. The point being: I’d like to write it in a way which can be spoken, as the conventional spoken usage is just as bad as the written one. So I type “US American” because anyone can easily pronounce that, I think. This should be standard usage, imho, for writers who don’t think USA should continually appropriate the whole damn hemisphere.

A similarly non-confiscatory standard which careful writers observe is C.E./B.C.E. (Common Era / Before the Common Era) rather than A.D./B.C. – where the latter, deprecated usage implicitly compels non-believers to swear fealty to “our lord” in merely stating the date.

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I’ve seen your “US Americans” and that’s good. USians was very commonly used – especially on here – during the illegitimate Bush regime years when progressives were truly progressive. Those were the days. It started fading when Obama/Biden began expanding on the right-wing neocon policies of Bush/Cheney. Unfortunately, most will use neither US Americans or USians. The fake-progressives will continue with their “America” and “Americans” even when the problem with this is pointed out to them. It will disturb their comfort level to make any changes to the way they speak or write. Thanks for your response.


Once in a blue moon someone notices I’m eschewing the imperial standard. It always makes my day!

Look: I quietly cringe to hear people say “like” when they mean “as” – but it’s not something I can ever constructively correct. All I can seriously control is the example I set with my own usage.

Now that the world changes at such a breakneck pace, and I’ve seen a few decades of it, I have a long enough view to notice distinctive features of spoken cadence, identifying various generations. 30ish/40ish youth often speak with a super-annoying hypnotic rise at the end of every phrase, like a ceaseless stream of questions. But live long enough, and that annoyance fades away. Now younger kids speak with an attractive, subtle croak at phrase-ends – hard to do, but quite fetching! – to replace that insufferable rise. Why is this relevant? It’s just amazing to me how quickly and comprehensively the language changes, all the time. You can’t hold back the tide to keep things in place, you can only body-surf.


We could plant a tree in honor of Jessica Corbett.


I can’t stand that. Where I live, people – most Millenneals – say the word “like” every-other-word. It sounds so stupid. Illiterate. Why would someone deliberately change/ruin their speech to talk that way? How do they hold a job speaking that way? I don’t correct them. I mock them. I start saying, “like, like, like, like, like…” The thing is they don’t get it because they think I’m one of them where the only word in my vocabulary is the word “like.” Some people say the word “like” so snappy and quickly that it comes out as “lick.” I heard that the other day. This guy told someone, “If you go lick 3pm…” (Translation: If you go like/get there around 3pm).

But yes, I’ve noticed your US American and appreciate that.

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Re DACA, I’m not sure how much of a victory this is in the longrun considering Obama (Biden) was known as “The Deporter in Chief.”


Her ex, David Sorenson, sounds like a typical small penis Conservative. I’d plant that wife beating right wing bass turd like a God damn tulip!

Finally, a judge with good judgement.


This is good. But we must leave the WTO ior modify our commitments which leave us open for the loss of literally millions of jobs, an unlimited number according to Inside US Trade for march 2016.

I am concerned, as you all should be that India doesn’t use this decision for leverage to get a hidden victory in dispute 503 allowing an unlimited number of good jobs to be turned into modern day slavery. At least the ones that Indian firms can do cheaper than US ones can.

That wont be difficult because they get huge profits on all the contracts they do because of the huge wage differentials… Indian IT firms have admitted this in interviews in the Indian press. So its really all about money, not discrimination. Unprofitable, high paying US jobs are being traded away in exchange for other concessions that US oligarchs want. For example, on drug pricing and the ability to buy up competing firms to remove cheap generic drugs that save a lot of lives from the markets. A real thorn in the US drug industry’s side that make them see red.

See the film “Fire in the Blood” for what I mean.

Bill Clinton appears briefly in it.

TO understand this visa case, people need to know both the history of this deal and its current status in the eopolitics of high skill migrant labor, as well as much more info than is provided in documents like this one. But its not public.

The WTO is around the least democratic global governance organizations imaginable. But that’s the way they want it. It was created to turn services, 80% of modern economies, intotradable bargaining chips, a balancing factor in world trade. So of course we could not have things like affordable public healthcare. That would get in the way of all this planned profitmaking.

They are really targeting our right to limit outsourcing of jobs, they want to turn the function of regulating intra corporate transfers - even ones many years long, over to the WTO.

Actually, the remarkably neoliberal, cult like US “washington consensus” government has been trying to do this via these trade deals for a long time, but they don’t want to be too obvious about it because it will kill tens of millions of jobs, maybe even more and force wages for the remaining ones into free fall as people fight like baby sharks still in the womb for even the crappiest most dangerous jobs. It might even reverse the flow of migrants, with Americans scrambling to move somewhere else. Anywhere they can find work for a decent wage. Yes, trumps wall may even end up keeping poor Americans in. We should not have tried to pull a fast one over on the American people and just letthe DACA children stay if they had been brought here as children, they are and must be seen as Americans, even if the parents arent. Its the parents, not the children who broke the laws. I think they should give people who have lived here and paid taxes legally for ten years or more citizenship, without any arrests for anything more serious than traffic violations or crossing the border, should on an individual basis, get a hearing and presumption of suitability for citizenship. not a green card, in order to keep out the wealthy modern slavers who basically come here hoping to become an explioiter of the low wage labor loopholes themselves, straddling the fence between labor supplying countries like India and the US.

Otherwise, these low wage labor schemes will leave tens of millions of Americans, and the DACA children and young adults, in a horrible situation, unable to find work here, due to their status as the biggest losers of globalization.,

Yes, we know, Supply and demand determines wages. Understaning that doesn’t or shouldn’t give oligarchs a free pass to decimate their own country’s population’s only means of support, working, or undermining the wages of immigrants who came here before or outside of these low wage “movement of natural persons” schemes.

The Indians who come here have Indian American children, who find they are discriminated against just like the rest of us, even if they speak Telegu.

This is unfair and discriminatory.

This wage carnage is they claim a law of nature, that cant be legislated, the so called invisible hand of the market, but the fact is, if they had never committed us to trade jobs for markets back in the 90s, we would not be facing this risk of carnage today.



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Hi Adam:
I don’t think that Trump can afford to insult any more lawyers—but who cares about Trump.Since the farm workers organized and SI SE PUEDE came into use ( yes we can ) became a formidable phrase, and a wonderful phrase.
Thank you to all the DACA people—Trump has been trumped!

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I’m not sure what you mean by that, are we talking about the same person? Staff writer here.

I think it will make a big difference if it survives challenges. It is a positive program if it is managed well.

Thank you! We need to preserve immigration for the immigrants, also prevent it being taken over by greedy corporations who want to capture it for their cheap staffing needs.

Immigrants come here, become citizens and then send money home in the form of remittances. They make decent money and send money home but those who want to capture immigration for corporations hate that they don’t control these money flows.

As they put it, this money, which is sent home by people who fled their corrupt regimes, is going to the wrong people and getting wasted.

They want to bring back what amounts to modern slavery.

Don’t let millions of decent jobs be turned into modern slavery by giving the WTO authority over them and a “GATS visa”.

As far as many Dems now being closet neocons. They are not Democrats, they simply have taken over the Democratic Party to ruin it

I hope people understand that the case that I am talking about will gravely hurt everybody- particularly immigrants whose status in heading towards citizenship, citizens, citizen children of immigrants, legal immigrants, including newly legalized DACA recipients by creating a new kind of disempowered worker class who are tied to a single employer, and giving the WTO charge over the visas, taking the power to adjust the numbers of guest workers from Congress, who will still retain control over permanent immigration, but not temporary visas for work that come from the WTO. The case brought by India is connected to a 25 year long dispute over the “movement of natural persons” (modes 3 and 4) provisions of trade deals which do an end run against national laws, labor standards, discrimination laws of all kinds. The goal is to lower wages of all working people all around the world to increase profits tremendously. At the end of the day, we’re being deceived by a collusion of both US arties to distract the country while these permanent changes that will hurt everybody are snuck in, using an insidious bewilderness of spin, the effect is global voter disempowerment and the theft of democracy. People should realize that trade in services agreements like the existing GATS reach in and control virtually all laws.

(See ~https://unctad.org/en/docs/edmmisc232add31_en.pdf )

GATS which will force young people of all nations to literally exchange places in order to work, is quietly going to be disempowering tens of millions of our young people, by forcing them to travel to distant lands in order to stay employed, after training replacements here, for companies that discriminate against them, and admit it.

This is the real payload of their (BOTH PARTIES) distraction campaign. And the case I am pointing out will be binding on the entire world.

Its undermining American democracy in a way so different than what people have experience with that at this point, people have been brainwashed against awareness of whats being done.

But, if you realize this, realize, we’re being manipulated by a cynical deception scheme. It will disemploy millions of black and hispanic Americans who have managed to get a good education and get good jobs in the public sector, GATS is a stealth attack. GATS is an arrow aimed straight at the heart of public higher education. According to the European University Education which represents more than 7000 degree granting institutions in Europe, GATS is an existential threat to public higher education, on a global scale.

Thank you all in advance for seeing the big picture of this preemptive strike on poor and working people everywhere, thats based in the massive outsourcing of our jobs, giving forever entitlements to foreign corporations to keep exporting them. They want to use a test case involving the US being sued by India to break the middle class everwhere, turning us all into M-economies with no middle class, and good jobs into precarious labor. GATS is also behind the US’s defunding and privatizing of all other once public services and soon, the jobs in what is still the public sector but wont be for long, important needed services such as public housing, public transit, public water, teaching, nursing, etc, are as of the 1990s tradable services, but due to the failure of the Global North and Global South countries to agree on terms (one issue is whether countries can limit quotas another is wages, should a nations labor and wage laws apply, in either direction, the poor countries claim that since very low wages is their primary advantage, they should be entitled to use it. This will undermine minimum wage laws here, if they are allowed to bypass them for their skilled workers, of all kinds. For example, paying an engineer $6.47 an hour assuming a 40 hour week, should be too little) These are just the latest news in a long string of negotiations between north and south countries, meaning that the main wave of outsourcing has barely begun yet, despite the negotiations going back to the 80s. The entire US (and other developed nations) have been living on borrowed time because the intent of these changes is clearly to remake the world in a way that no war or could do. TISA is likely to be even worse because it expands its scope by stealth, being “negative list”. Thank you all for your time in reading this.

We live in a country thats totally captured no so no victory is ever a victory, no gift is actually a gift, everything is a taking, without fail, as long as our nations government remains under the heel of these trade deals, which our corporate oligarchy had a major hand in writing, (They and their lobbyists often write the laws now, not lawmakers) Its the same in other countries, these deals capture the global flow of money and people with the intent of making movement of natural persons of all kinds, free and indentured, under the control of transnational corporations in one way or another. Thats whats really going on and all politics until these schemes are exposed or they win and create an enslaved planet lead to this goal they have of breaking the prosperity of the middle class, the skilled workers whom they need but resent needing anybody. They want to turn good jobs bad, on a massive global scale. Nothing is s it seems, not even remotely, people must understand what we’re up against or they are living in a simulacrum thats leaving them unable to understand the underlying truth, and thinking things are much much better than they are. Even when they are as bad as they are today, if they remain blind to the changes being made, with these global theft pacts, it will get much much worse.