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Federal Judge Rejects Attempt by Wisconsin Trump Allies to Overturn Biden Win

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/04/federal-judge-rejects-attempt-wisconsin-trump-allies-overturn-biden-win


There’s a schpitTon can of Sanction opening up,
that either falls on the Sanctionees,
or the Sanctioners.

"Their argument, said the judge, “lies somewhere between a willful misreading of the Constitution and fantasy.”
In JudgeSpeak, that means FU.
Thems fightin’ words.
Conflict does not mean violence.

“Rickum rackum ruckem,
get out there and really
-Robin Williams

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This is what happens when your legal team has law degrees from Trump U, Liberty U, and other shaky schools.
On the plus side, a Congressional district in northwestern Ohio, which has always voted GOP, and has a legacy Congressman, is about to flip. Quite a few angry LTE’s over Bob Latta® being one of those 140 Reps signing on to the Texas lawsuit. Given that the area’s demographics have changed rapidly over the past ten years or so, from solid rural to suburban/industrial. Voters have more education and church attendance has plunged. If a Democratic Socialist wearing a Dem suit should pop up and truly plow the landscape, so to speak, Latta might find himself out in the cold, wondering what the hell happened. He’s not shown his face in the area for years, depending on daddy and granddaddy’s names. Keep an eye on that area just to the south and east of the “snake on the lake” district.


“If we perpetuate the notion that Congress may disregard certified electoral votes—based solely on its own assessment that one or more states mishandled the presidential election—we will be delegitimizing the very system that led Donald Trump to victory in 2016, and that could provide the only path to victory in 2024.”

  • Reps. Thomas Massie (R-KY), Kelly Armstrong (R-ND), Ken Buck (R-CO), Mike Gallagher (R-WI) Nancy Mace (R-SC), Tom McClintock (R-CA), and Chip Roy (R-TX)


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It was shortly after the election when Trump started putting his "legal team " together I read a right wing article listing all of the lawyers on this dream team claiming them as the most respected and capable attorneys in the USA.

They are clowns. Every single one of them.

The “mountains of evidence” of fraud they have is less then the mountains of evidence of WMDS in Iraq that the Bush team pushed over a decade ago.

They lie like this time after time and their cult just nods their head in agreement.


We come to understand that even with horrid crimes charged, a person deserves council to help defend their rights.
But trump’s clown lawyers are presenting as plaintiffs. With zero standing in court after court.

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Another one bites the dust. :))

So our court systems in the US functions for we the people and we the people fund this system? Is that correct?

All these suits, injunctions are fraudulently presented without evidence just frivolous and how much did it costs us taxpayers in time and money and the loss of the courts time to do their jobs on other cases?

I would sure like someone to write about that. Just like so many other actions that this administration has got away we do not have laws to protect our democracy? It is just rampant corruption.

The Donald rules his kingdom of Delusion.