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Federal Judge Slaps Hourly Fine on Climate Activists Forming 'Last Line of Defense for Fragile Arctic'


Federal Judge Slaps Hourly Fine on Climate Activists Forming 'Last Line of Defense for Fragile Arctic'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

A federal judge on Thursday said that activists with Greenpeace USA who are staging a blockade of an Arctic drilling support vessel are in contempt of a court injunction, and issued the organization a $2,500 hourly fine.


Yes, the Corporate Courts at work.


We should all hold the whole court system in contempt. Where is the check on power? There isn’t one. Judges are appointed for life by crooks, not voted on by the people.

They routinely hold stock in these Oil Companies and no longer even go through the pretense of recusing themselves for a conflict of interest.


General donation to Greenpeace, or is there a crowdfunding site for these fines?


The result of Republicans packing the courts. They got away with it because people did not, or could not vote. The vote suppressors won. Now we are suffering the consequences of inaction were it counts, at the ballot box.

Greenpeace’s actions are that much more difficult, costly and dangerous when Republican judges are against them.


So who appointed Gleason?

Obama could turn this around by simply lifting the permit that his admin granted in the first place - if no permit, no need for GP action …

Start holding Dems at least equally accountable …


You are right - we oughta make mass commitments to making sustaining donations - if our elected pols won’t do the right thing we ought to donate en masse to those who oppose their actions until we finally get our act together and “throw the bums out”, in favor of those who will …


Paging Tom Steyer, hedge fund billionaire and head of NextGen: If you REALLY want to make a difference, please consider paying these fines.


[quote=“RobertL18, post:3, topic:11515”]
Hillary Clinton certainly should oppose it. That would be a big help. Of course Sanders and O’Malley are opposed…
Well, “Ultimately”… I don’t think any of these people are going to relevant, in just a little while… the climate is moving so fast… that their ignorance and pretending will contribute to them just looking irrelevant … Hillary already does …


You saw what happened in the Gulf with BP - well drilling in the Arctic is much more likely to produce a similar or greater disaster … if you watched the live video of the GP action, for example,you will note how over and over it was pointed out that the Fennica, the ship being blocked, was an icebreaker needed to clear the way for the drilling rig and how it was in Portland because it needed to repair a meter long gash in its hull that it sustained even before it got to the Arctic - that Shell can’t account for - and THAT is the ship that is supposed to protect the rig - And that, as they say, is just the tip of the iceberg …

And even if, by some miracle, there were no disaster of the BP sort, that oil that would be brought up needs to be left in place to help at least slow down that other disaster being visited upon us by fossil fuel use - climate change …


Maybe you should just cut to the chase and spout the libertarian propaganda that you joined to provide.


It’s not only the general opposition to new drilling. In the conditions of the Arctic, responding to a spill would be difficult or impossible, and the Obama Administration’s own analysis said there was a 70% chance of a spill. Furthermore, they are only able to do this because climate change is already happening much faster in the polar regions–instead of taking that as a warning that we need to drastically reduce emissions NOW, the Powers That Be are rubbing their hands over the new access to mineral wealth where ice used to block access. We can’t stop using fossil fuels overnight, but should start the phase-out by eschewing the most dangerous, reckless, expensive and dirty projects, like tar sands, deep sea drilling and Arctic drilling.


I don’t normally hold with this sort of thing–but in this case i think it would be appropriate to include a phone number or other contact information for the judge. The essence of the argument is that Greenpeace or anyone else is entitled to express their opinion in any way they like, as long as it doesn’t stop Shell from destroying our only world. We HAVE to break the law, if our grandchildren are to have even a chance at a survivable world. Governments, in thrall to corporations, are refusing to take responsibility. Therefore the people have no responsible option but to physically blockade the destruction.


I could only find Judge Sharon L. Gleason’s Judical Assistant: Anne Masneri at (907) 677-6253 or her DQA: Caroline Edmiston at (907) 677-6103. Sometimes a pithy phone call is more effective than a hundred petitions :slight_smile:


Find a way to not pay the fine!

It might be better if Greenpeace USA declares bankruptcy. Greenpeace’s entire staff could move next door and call itself Azurepeace USA. This would leave the judge holding a couple of desks. I could donate a pen and pencil set to the judge to go with the desks, but they won’t match. I get those pens from a local bank.

Wally Nelson owed six figures in fines to the IRS for his war tax resistance. He died of old age.


Welcome to CD FreeToChoose,

Shell already lost control of their first Arctic test Rig when seasonal sea surface ice ripped it off it’s mooring and it crashed into the Alaska shore near Barrow. Shell was unable to respond at all or to contain the small amount of oil spilled, since it’s claimed clean up measures were useless. Imagine a Deep Water Horizon blow out, where Shell can’t use booms or fire boats since icebergs prevent access.

It will soon resemble Shell’s abandoned oil wells and pipelines in the Nigerian Delta, were most fish life has died and local residents can’t find any uncontaminated drinking water. Those wellheads and pipes are still gushing oil as they corrode and Shell refuses to do anything about it. Shell was convicted of this behavior in court, but the corporate officers involved were promoted.



Probably because she is a closet Republican.


Look, at some point, we’re going to get pissed, and go confront some functionaries.


May I suggest another possibility? Maybe the comment is from a 9-year old. Actually, you could insert various ages of those captive to the current ‘education’ model. Just which class would be giving them either the information directly or teaching them the skills needed to get there on their own?


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