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Federal Judge Strikes Down Texas Anti-Choice Law That Critics Warned Endangered Women


Federal Judge Strikes Down Texas Anti-Choice Law That Critics Warned Endangered Women

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

"The court's decision once again makes clear that politicians cannot force their way into private medical decisions that should stay between patients and physicians. Access to vital reproductive health services should not depend on a woman's zip code."

protesters in Texas


U.S. District Judge Lee Yeakel, thank you on behalf of women everywhere. If those Texans don’t approve of abortion, then the classic response is, “Don’t have one.” And if you are male, “Shut up. You know nothing about women and furthermore, don’t care.”


Exactly and right on if someone does not want one of course they do not have the right to interfere with anyone else. These people who only care about the rights of the unborn sound like a cult!


So when will women stop being second class citizens???I do believe women are a majority in the US. A few years back I remember conservative women in Wyoming supporting the right for a women to choose what happens to her body.----------What is the stand out reason Moore might win in Alabama??Abortion!—This was an issue being debated back in 1973 and it goes on and on and on------do both sides gain something by this going on and on and on------I actually hope the Supreme Court would do what these people say they want ----overturn Roe and just see what happens------its no different from republicans talking about the ACA-----its a bunch of BS to play on voters--------Why did WOMEN vote for Trump???Why do we get these right wing Judges?Abortion. But these Judges are shaping a lot more than just abortion,and the politicians getting elected using this issue are shaping a lot more than just abortion. When will women decide they want to be first class citizens???


Excellent letter to Ivanka from Michael Moore:


Soon a federal judge will just shut down Texas all-together, and spare America the misery.