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Federal Judge Upholds 'Discriminatory' NC Voter ID Law



Gerrymandering. That's all this law is.

Could they make it any harder to friggin vote? Gotta go register on a different day and have all your papers in order...

Your Papers are not ind order. Gestapo! Arrest zees men for voter fraud!


Judge Thomas Schroeder is a died-in-the-wool southerner from Atlanta, GA. He was in private practice for 22 years before GWB nominated him in 2007 to fill a vacancy on the United States District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina, was okayed by the U S Senate and sworn in in 2008. Seems like his allegiance to the good ol' South trumps his professional responsibilities as a judge and upholder of the U S Constitution. The NC voter ID law is the state's way of disenfranchising the majority of minority voters, especially African Americans. Jim Crow lives on in all its ignominy.