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Federal Judge's Unprecedented Order on Climate Science 'Could Open Floodgates' for Big Oil Lawsuits


Federal Judge's Unprecedented Order on Climate Science 'Could Open Floodgates' for Big Oil Lawsuits

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

With a decision that could have far-reaching implications, a federal judge in California has ordered the first ever U.S. court hearing on climate science for a "public nuisance" lawsuit, meaning that major oil and gas companies for the first time may have to go on the record regarding what they knew about the planetary impacts of their products—and when.

"As a result of this decision, coal, oil, and natural gas producers could face federal common law nuisance claims all over the country."
—Brian H. Botts, Forbes legal analyst


Denial, as Donald Dumbass, has so perfected, will not be an option for these Fossil Fuel Fools.

This is perhaps the first major step towards the legitimized mandating of Renewable Energy in all new construction.


Sooner or later the truth will be uncovered, so why lie?

I still have my bumper-sticker from 1969, “Smuck Fog”. Do you need more proof?

The auto industry at large is complicate as well for fighting off stronger mileage requirements at every turn.


A nonviolent army from the pacific states has been awakened.


Federal Republican lawyers vs corporate Republican lawyers. The oligarchy is suing itself?

Direct Democracy


Along with all the soccer moms & dads who bought into the whole charade. Damn those saccharine SUV commercials were sickening.


The Truth Will Out…


I was just reading another article here and it dawned on me the disconnect we all seem to have about global warming/climate change and the 6th extinction. On other articles we write as if there is a future and future generations being our hope. Somehow we have to realize and reflect in such a manner that takes GW/CC and the 6th extinction into account, not a separate reality, a different topic. It is the only topic that has real impact on everything else. I, personally, am going to try and re-frame my comments to reflect this. Just what future generations will there be that will benefit from gun control or a future “better” government or fill in the blank. Do you see what I see?


If this litigation progresses as quickly as some refugee detention cases, we have a 50-50 chance of seeing some interesting legal decisions before the ice-cap disappears.


“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.”
– Buddha
(Could no confirm this as a real Buddha quote, but it certainly is a truism)


I would guess the same climate scientist shills who show up at congressional hearings on global warming will show up at this court. The companies will no doubt be making a strong case for uncertainly and doubt and conflicting scientific findings. They will probably stress uncertainly levels in the first IPCC report in the early 1990s. I am not at all confident this will lead to much.



Another legal case with ecological significance, Cooper et al v. TEPCO (the plight of irradiated sailors on the USS Ronald Reagan) has been dragging on since… well Fukushima exploded on 3/11/11.

Linda Pentz Gunter composed an excellent summary:

Injustice At Sea: the Irradiated Sailors of the USS Reagan


Absolutely, Ditton.

But isn’t it just so ‘human’, to conveniently ignore and avoid the most logically obvious risks of our behavior, as though only we, and all we want, matter?

It’s the very selective myopia that got us in this crisis in the first place.


I wonder if using that argument would make people just throw up their hands and shrug, " So what’s the use of making these changes?" We don’t know if or when this extinction would come about, nor how complete. I don’t know…it’s a scary thought. I have grandchildren. I worry about them.


Getting my popcorn and a good seat ready. Should be interesting.


Married man married man, drives around in a mini van
Has a wife and four kids
His whole life is on the skids
Lookout! Here comes the married man…

(Soccer mom brought this back to memory…)


Yes I do see what you see. What will future generations have to fear ala guns, poverty,inequality,racism, drugs, wars, etc. if they are all DEAD from dehydration, starvation, superstorms, and mass pollution. Just putting it in plain English.


Would you believe as early as 1958?


I saw a lot of those when I lived in S. California.