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Federal Officials Investigating Massive EPA Spill That Turned River Orange


Federal Officials Investigating Massive EPA Spill That Turned River Orange

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Federal officials are launching a criminal investigation into the 2015 Gold King Mine spill that sent millions of gallons of toxic waste into a Colorado waterway and memorably turned portions of the state's 126-mile Animas River orange.


Actually, it sounds more like sabotage to me --

It hasn't been unusual for drainage from mines like this one to end up
being disposed of in our rivers. Just done very quietly.

Also think the manpower questions re hiring are as gimmicked as the
situation where the clean up was put in the hands of sub-contractors.

Don't think its coincidence or accidental that our government and its
agencies are protected now by incompetent lawyers --

Or that this all adds up to an ineffective EPA failing to hold corporations
responsible in any way while doing even more harm to nature in pretend
clean-ups. Just sounds like the right wing in control.

Btw, when you add a profit motive via privatization, where are the savings
for taxpayers?


More background on the spill.


More gov contracts for those responsible?? How is it today no one ever seems to be held accountable for official/government incompetence, fraud/corruption or malfeasance?


The Midas Touch. Fairy Tale reality. The destroyer of all that is sacred and good. And a lot of stupidity and greed.


True -- and while I'm trying to suggest that we be FEARLESS . . . .
I'm thinking of Trump's love for bankruptcy and what has just happened in Puerto Rico
with part of their debt being sold off to hedge funds/vulture capitalists.
All of which forced them into "austerity" budgets where 100's of schools had to be closed.
Minimum wage reduced. Gawd knows what else.

We'll be at 19 Trillion when the next president takes over -- maybe more.*

Ike said . . . "You have National Security when you have peace and no deficit."

Since the Federal Reserve Bank -- a private bank - -took over in 1913, the dollar at that
time has been reduced to 19 cents. It's simply a way to manipulate economies which are
created by the people.

Decisions about inflation, interest rates, levels of employment should be in the hands of
our Congress -- not a private bank.



Isotope --

Didn't Iceland pull itself out successfully?
Remember Thom Hartmann talking about it -- think the difference
was in who held their debts????

Other nations haven't been as successful.


What you have to remember is that we have a 50 year gap in what we actually feel of
the effects of Global Warming. That means that what we're feeling now only represents
the damage we've done to the environment/planet up to about 1966!!
Imagine all the damage done after that time.

Remember when our scientists used to suggest -- honestly or not I can't say -- that
such and such events were in the far distant future? Suddenly the glaciers were melting
right under their feet. Either ignorance or dishonestly we don't know - but they have
underestimated the effects of Global Warming severely.
Meanwhile, they've always said that "there was no way to say how all of this will compound."

The lightning strikes are also getting more serious, creating fires especially in drought areas.



Thank you!! I knew there was a good story there!!

We need the blueprints on that -- maybe we can work something out!!



True -- they try to suggest a shortage of food right now, but it's a shortage of income.



We still seem to have this idiotic expectation that someone in government will make someone
accountable -- but it's not going to happen.

Those in government right now are shills for criminals.


"Federal Officials Investigating Massive EPA Spill That Turned River Orange"
"Federal Officials Investigating Massive EPA Spill Find EPA Not Criminally Liable"
"Federal Officials Found Guilty of Whitewashing EPA Scandal"
"Federal Officials Exonerated and Pardoned by Clinton/Trump"
"Federal Official Top Presidential Candidate"
Same ole - time for a change.


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It makes you wonder why they even need the TPP. If I polluted a major waterway in 2015, I would be in jail in 2015. But if a President Clinton follows orders, the TPP will insure that if the EPA had any teeth left, it will take whatever teeth that remain, as well as the whistle and the bark. Just a preview of things to come in an already toxic environment.


Will you please explain how the number of lightening strikes can be used to calculate the temperature of the Earth? This sounds interesting. Thanks so much.


...The EPA didn't create this toxic liability.
The mining company scum bags who left this nightmare are criminally responsible.


Like it or not, the legacy of old mines, businesses and industries that have left us inheriting a toxic mess is exactly why current mines, businesses and industries should be held to operate under strict regulations.


Thank you very much, Isotope.


Can you provide some kind of sources for your accusations regarding the EPA? Your "quota" accusations are particularly dubious - even smacking of racism. I am a licensed civil engineer for a federal agency and I can assure you that the selection process used by the agencies is far more objective and qualification-based than you would ever see in a capitalist firm - where being white and male is always the most important qualification.