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Federal Probe Demanded After Trump's Billionaire Pal Carl Icahn Receives EPA Waiver Worth Tens of MIllions


Federal Probe Demanded After Trump's Billionaire Pal Carl Icahn Receives EPA Waiver Worth Tens of MIllions

Julia Conley, staff writer

After reporting a net income of $234.4 million last year, billionaire investor Carl Icahn—a former regulatory adviser to President Donald Trump—has received a "financial hardship" waiver from the EPA, exempting his oil company from complying with fuel regulations.


What do you mean “hard to explain”. Pruitt won’t have to explain anything uncomfortable. He will just tell the truth that he gave Icahn a special break because of Icahn’s campaign donations and everyone will shrug and say “just business”.


Yo, Carl—“hardship” is what’s faced every day by millions of your countryfolk, mostly due to lack of sufficient money to buy political favors. You could look it up.


You know we’ve fallen too far down the rabbit hole when billionaires are being given financial “hardship” waivers. There are no words. Greed and avarice don’t even scratch the surface of such things. The oligarchs won the game a long time back. Everyone else are just slaves to their system now.


Remember the term “corporate welfare.” Use of that term is not a stretch, and likely many of these people are quite upset that poor people can apply for home heating subsidies.


How does one not laugh out loud…???

The presumption that Pruitt will be required or even attempt to explain this is also laughable. Scott Pruitt is the poster child for committing impeachable high crimes and misdemeanors every day he shows up for work. The Congress that fails to impeach him, likewise is committing daily high crimes and misdemeanors.


Corruption pure and simple! Pay to play cronyism, quid pro quo bribery gaining advantage, and criminal violation of oath of office.


Like the rest of Trumps crimes this too will be washed over by what Trump called the fake media that in reality has played to the dictated script of war at any cost. Hillary was the setup fail to get the demonic perverted orange mafia liar elected and the war drums pounding. Meanwhile the majority of people follow along as if in a trance of obedience to their own demise.


In most other countries with such levels of corruption, there would be a mass popular uprising and occupation of the capital city until the corrupt heads of state resigned and new elections were held.

Where are the USAn people???


It has now been roughly three decades of Carl Ichan running a destructive dance on American citizens. Three and a few extra years. Americans would do well to begin to look at who the players are, length of time in the game, and deeds done.
I’m not sure people are connecting the dots on all these characters. Including Trump himself, who has a similar timeline for bombast and thievery, If it is allowed, it could go on another decade. These are LONG PERIODS of time for these people to be allowed to run their games. For Americans, it seems much of it just blends into a blur. Which was the overt goal of the Reagan years-not only was he pushing us into this casino economy, like any casino, people were not watching the clocks since there are none. The fact that the GOP has managed to establish a casino vibe with at least half of America is a topic that could take a long time to deconstruct. The bottom line is they have, with constantly re-appearing con men, chattering class whores (Larry Kudlow) and several other classes of bottom feeders always in attendance, Now they would not mind a little quiet, so the thievery can continue smoothly and the populace stays in diversion.
A big problem will happen int about a year to two years when it has to be discussed we cannot run our government due to lack of revenue which will have been caused by the recent tax heist… Perhaps then enough Americans will stand up ask the question "Where is our money tho keep this place going?


Add in hubris and maybe pathological lying…