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Federal Regulation Saves Millions of Lives


Federal Regulation Saves Millions of Lives

Ralph Nader

Fifty years ago this month (on September 9, 1966), President Lyndon Johnson signed into law the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety laws that launched a great life-saving program for the American People.


I'd sure like to see this level of scrutiny and protection applied to Big Pharma., Vaccines, and genetically "Modified" foods.

Then, too, if TPP and TIPP manage to snake through and become law, NONE of the regulations that Mr. Nader so patiently fought for will remain viable.

After all, the Insider tribunals deciding which corporation's profits are diminished by which environmental/labor/safety laws will become the metric against which all other causes and concerns are measured.


'When politicians fear the voters you have democracy. When the voters fear politicians you have tyranny". - Thomas Jefferson

Three guesses as to which of those conditions characterizes 21st century Murka ?


Mike Pence paid $8,956. or 7.9% of his income of $113,026. in federal taxes.
Just how many deductions does this man have and exactly what are those deductions?
Most of us pay between 10% and 30% federal tax on our meager incomes.
Perhaps Mr. Pence wrote some tax law provision and got it passed that benefits only him?


" It will be many years, if ever, until the entire vehicle fleet is converted into unhackable, driverless machines."

I hope this prediction turns out to be correct. Unhackable would be quite an achievement. But will the entire fleet be converted into hackable driverless cars if it proves too difficult to prevent all hacking? Whether they are hackable or not they probably will be trackable. That should raise concerns about privacy. Could a government eventually have the ability to track every vehicle trip in the country?


Bernie took a lot of deductions also. You can't support one candidate who does it and attack another candidate for doing the same thing. Bernie did not release his tax returns except for one year, 2014. Pence released ten years of tax returns. If you were a supporter of Sanders you have no basis for criticizing Pence. If you want to criticize someone then criticize Donald Trump who refuses to release any of his recent tax returns even though every presidential candidate has done it for the past several decades.


I'm critical of every, single Capitalist.
Socialists get a pass.
Is Pence a Socialist?


I particularly like the phrase "blocked by soft-on-corporate-crime republicans". That sounds like the basis for a great political ad.


"and Democrats" would have properly completed that thought.


So I posit a question.

Who has helped save the most American lives?

Ralph Nader or plug in soldiers name here ?


During Raygun's first term, Nader was pushing for mandatory security doors for airplane cockpits. Unfortunately Raygun;'s corporate paymasters and the media had spent the previous decade turning Nader into a pariah and Raygun's stock response that "it will cost business too much" resonated with Congress and the sheeple.

Whatever number of folks that died as a result of the 9-11 attacks need to be added to the number of people who would have been saved if the corporations and the politicians they own had not had their way three decades ago.


"Much is written of futuristic self-driving, autonomous vehicles. Don’t be taken in by the hype. It will be years, if ever, until the entire vehicle fleet is converted into driverless machines." It's good to know Nader is skeptical and includes the caveat "if ever" in his critical statement. Automobiles are a cornerstone to corporate control.

"How is the automobile like the global economy?"

There are 4 basic urban/suburban transportation system modes - cars/trucks, mass transit, walking and bicycling. Because automobiles present a severe impediment to the other travel modes, excessive traffic becomes an impediment to driving. Similarly, there are 5 basic scales of economy - (Local, Regional, State, National, Global). The global economy, like the automobile, undermines the function of the lesser, though actually more fundamental scales of economy. In order for some sensible level of the global economy to function, the lesser economies must function.

Consider a bell curve study: Place Local and global economies at its extreme ends. Local economies are too small to take advantage of mass production, and the gains of mass production are lost in the long-distance transport of the global economy. Thus, the most energy efficient economy at the peak of the bell curve are Regional (metropolitan area consists of local economies supported by State and National economies).

That said, the electric vehicle, particularly the plug-in hybrid (PHEV), offers modern society the means whereby local economies can become autonomously independent from the outside influence of corporate control; as long as we drive less, walk, bike, implement and use mass transit more.


Federal Regulators are the Cops that can actually have our backs, of course that is when their Positions are not filled by Revolving Door Industry Saboteurs.


Bernie isn't a socialist either. He is a democratic socialist which is a social democrat. You should know Bernie is a capitalist. He isn't against good capitalist businesses. That is why he can support Clinton. Sorry, Bernie, no pass for you.


Ralph Nader - just want to be clear.


Last sentence, does not seem possible yet. Look at Los Angeles at 5 pm on a Friday, 405 freeway. How about self-driving car federal regulation. A Tesla self-driving motorcar did not recognize a tracker trailer turning left in front of Tesla motorcar in Florida earlier this year, the Tesla motorcar failed to brake killing the Tesla motorcar occupant. TheTesla motorcar occupant was said to be watching a Harry Potter movie at the time of accident.


What kills is the Vestibular Structure's under the radar slaughter, on American roads and highways. This bloodbath includes Velocitization (the slow motion hallucination when coming off a highway). The freewheeling phenomenon of lawless streets and highways, is merely dereliction of duty, civic inattention as it were. Politicians are unwilling to address politically sensitive issues and the inner ear is one of these. Families ignore traffic laws with their kids and the cyclical freewheeling family phenomenon has slaughtered tens of thousands of Americans, but still every July 4th most parents break traffic laws with their kids. The automobile manufacturers need a healthy conscience, but the mean streets are in need of a healthy conscience as well, or jobs. Youth deserve to see adults obeying the law but usually don't, when on the street. The Road Safety Office at the World Health Organization, feels law abiding streets and highways, are long overdue. Velocitization and the freewheeling phenomenon are caused by the Vestibular. Velocitization causes cyclists and pedestrians to be cut off. This is the first time you have heard about this, but the experts find the media as uninterested as the public.


Self driving cars won't get insurance. Ever. Only in Singapore!


As someone who works in air pollution regulation, let me toot the horn for another piece of enlightened legislation -- the 1970 Clean Air Act -- signed into law by none other than Richard Nixon. According to EPA calculations, reductions in air pollution, especially fine particles (PM2.5), have resulted in 200,000 fewer deaths annually nationwide. I've run the numbers for the SF Bay Area and estimate the its residents live about a year longer because of improvements in air quality.

The important point is that regulation can work. The CAA has two parts that make it effective and reasonable. The first is setting a standard based purely on the scientific evidence of harm from a given pollutant. This is based on the health impacts determined from numerous epidemiological, clinical and animal studies. The second part, the implementation, however, takes practical considerations of cost, the economy, and the best available technology into account to determine reasonable timelines.

This process has worked well for almost 50 years, and will continue to do so as long as the Congress and the President don't let wealthy industrial contributors cloud their vision. The Obama administration was taken in a few years ago and delayed the setting of a new ozone standard in the mistaken belief that it would damage the economy. A new standard was recently set and, again, the world didn't come to an end.