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Federal Study on Racial Biases in Facial Recognition Technology Confirms Warnings of Civil Liberties Groups

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/19/federal-study-racial-biases-facial-recognition-technology-confirms-warnings-civil

All the dystopic fantasies have come true at once, it seems.

It’s called “convergence” and we are living it and dying from it. I’m all for some “divergence,” right now.

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Got my property tax bill, up $200. Got my life insurance bill, up 1.6%. Car and house insurance rose. Price per gallon continually inches up at the gas station.Grocery prices inching up. Healthcare, if you can get it, on the rise. And day to day consumer prices are on the rise. But we don’t hear it called inflation.
My fixed income social security will increase 1.6%, and doesn’t come near to compensating for the REAL cost of living increases.