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Federal Watchdog Report Sheds Light on Emotional Horror Faced by Migrant Children Detained by Trump

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/04/federal-watchdog-report-sheds-light-emotional-horror-faced-migrant-children-detained


This trauma and extreme distress is the whole point of the policy-level violation of the 8th Amendment, which belies the concern of the horrified Dems who refuse to impeach.

If Donny reads this article, he will interpret it to say, “keep up the good work!”

Add his professed love of torture with his professed hatred of brown-skinned people, and if you don’t come to the conclusion that torturing children is his actual goal, you’re exceedingly dim.


A crime against God.


I would say more a crime against those traumatised children.


In 15-20 years we’ll all be wondering why there are gangs of sociopathic young Hispanic kids roaming the country killing every white person they can find.
Oh, who am I kidding? In 15-20 years it will be too hot for almost anyone to be outside in North America for longer than five minutes.
Plenty of time to kill whitey though. And we’ll deserve it.


Hitler’s SS didn’t care about the emotional toil on the children they handled either. Uniformed thugs have that way about them. I suppose that could be applied to many police and military throughout history.


Anyone shown to have willing participated in this travesty of justice and purposeful creation suffering deserves to be permanently eliminated from world society. In decades past maybe the US would be on the side of “right” but now we are knowingly perpetuating “wrong”. No different from what the Nazis were doing.


Inspector general’s report sez:
"According to facility staff, longer stays resulted in higher levels of defiance, hopelessness, and frustration among children, along with more instances of self-harm and suicidal ideation.”

Yeah, yeah. Whatever.
But did longer stays result in higher levels of profit? Priorities, man!


Whether they are admitted to the US or sent back to Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, I worry that these traumatized children will grow up to be a manace the US–anything from drug use to political violence.

Am I not correct that the “S” in “USA” has come to mean SHITHOLE?!!!


You vote for NAZI’s, you fail to kill NAZI’s, and you are basically NAZI’s. Nothing short of the most extreme imaginable, possible response against those committing terrorism and crimes against humanity will absolve Americans from their choice to embrace Fascism rather than violently confront it to the point of complete annihilation of all perpetrators. Anyone even remotely opposed to this is basically on their side, and a co conspirator in state sponsored child abuse, kidnapping, torture, sometimes rape, and terrorism.


What more evidence than the lack of response to Global Warming and the
lack of response by our government to the public distress over the “separation
of parents and children” events do we need to understand that . . .

Our Founders gave us no real LEVERAGE over our government.

If a “people’s government” ever had any meaning whatsoever, it was taken in 1963.

Start with the experts appearing before a house sub committee.
Add the lobbyist
Add the staffers
Add Steve Miller and the former chief of staff, John sumthin or other who promoted this inhumane action
Add the el trumpo who signed on.
Add the federal, state and private owned detention centers who mistreat the kids.
Add the current congress who could vote to reword the enacting legislation - if they wanted to.

At another website I know, there’s a guy always crowing about there’s not a “crime” in all of Trump’s bad press with which to impeach him. He’s wrong about that of course-- there are plenty. (I think this contrarian Trumpzi has a cowcatcher ordinance in mind.) But THIS crime is the one that tells us most about Trump. I suggest that impeachment hearings be held on this clear and stupid moral abomination and crime all by itself. Forget all other articles of impeachment. Reader, let this crime stand for the others. Or do you think Trump would somehow beat the rap then? I don’t.