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Federal Workers' Woes


Federal Workers' Woes

Christopher Brauchli

No memory of having starred,
Atones for later disregard...
— Robert Frost, Two Tramps in Mud Time


"Ordering IRS workers to begin processing refund claims, albeit without being paid for their work,"

This sounds like a violation of Amendment 13.


However, if you owe the IRS any money----there are people at work all ready to cash those checks right now : ) One of my jobs is a 1099 one and so I am almost finished with 2017----but since I don’t make that much anyway----it takes a while. : ) BUT—some of the IRS people are working at cashing checks------- so I hope they are getting paid.


Sadly since retirement we have had to pay-in. I sure do miss those annual refund checks. It was like Christmas.


“Ordering IRS workers to begin processing refund claims, albeit without being paid for their work, showed how much Trump cares about taxpayers who need the refunds to take care of their obligations”.

Nothing could be further from the truth. What this shows is Trump is using the shutdown to get his way, figuring the furloughed employees would express their pain to the media, and the Dems would cave to that misery. Knowing the opposite would happen, if the public did not receive their tax refunds is the reason he has ordered IRS employees back to work. Trump has never in his life given a dam about workers or the taxpayers, pretending he does now is fools gold.
Brauchli has been around long enough to know this, makes me wonder what his end game is, to shine Trump in such favorable light.


HI GANDOLF: sigh------ but those 1099 jobs are the ones where you are your own employer and employee , so you get to pay both sides of the taxes…there are no more jobs it seems, just gigs. : (


Kind of like if you want a 40 hr per week gig, you hire on as a private contractor instead of an indentured servant.


HI GANDOLF: LOL and yes the IRS sees gigs as private contractor with indentured servant overtones. That’s essentially what a 1099 gig job is. There are lots of gigs out there which really aren’t gigs , like Uber—and people are trying to change that-------but having 40 hours, of pay , heath care, vacations days, and a sense of not feeling like your life is spent on a see-saw, is sadly very America today. The people without enough are sad------ and the people that have more than enough don’t seem very happy either. : )


One other difference is that it can take a lot of training and time perfecting say a tradesman’s vocation. Can’t be chasing your tail from one 2 year job after another on the way up the proverbial ladder.
What makes the (they have enough) people happy doesn’t seem to be the money, as you say, it’s about the winning. Even more than the journey’s trials and tribulations.


Hi GANDOLF: sigh----yes you are correct—but then we can read about life in Norway or Sweden, and think--------having he highest income only 8 X as high as the lowest truly makes sense. People truly can pursue their acttual interests when food , shelter and medical are taken care of. And how wonderful too, when a nation truly values its citizens—all of them. : )


There is one major difference between our democracies. It’s true that Norway treats it’s people much more equally. But we would have to start with what we have already created, mass divisions of race, creed, prejudices, and classes.
We created a societal wall between whites and African Americans to the point where they have branched off into two entirely different cultures. With the other divisions I listed there will never be parity enough to havea socialist government work here. imo.