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Feds Reject Terry Tempest Williams' Bid to Keep Fossil Fuels in the Ground


Feds Reject Terry Tempest Williams' Bid to Keep Fossil Fuels in the Ground

Nika Knight, staff writer

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) on Wednesday rejected land leases purchased at public auction in February by climate activist and author Terry Tempest Williams, refunding William's payment and revoking the leases because the environmentalist publicly vowed to keep fossil fuels in the ground.


Why would Ms Williams even hesitate in filing an administrative appeal?
The game is there to be played. So let's all play.


"exercise reasonable diligence in developing and producing, and [they]
must prevent unnecessary damage to, loss of, or waste of leased

OK, then I will develop some pimples, and produce them upon my ass, but I will not pop them, and will protect with bandages, preventing unnecessary damage,and thus will not damage or waste the human resources inside them. (My ass is currently leased to my significant other.)

Terry Tempest Williams :innocent: One legendary Southwestern author still fighting the Abbey fight for the desolate West, beyond beauty.


Maybae there's other options, such as going directly to Federal Court. Perhaps there's a hefty charge involved and lawyers' fees to find out her options as well as drafting a proper complaint? Perhaps she hasn't had time to consider her options? As it isn't a direct quote, perhaps it's the author's understanding rather than Ms WIlliams's own word and perspective.

I'll not fault her for considering this step.


I'm in for a Class Action Lawsuit.


Outrageous. Williams should sue the BLM. (She may have to file the administrative appeal before she can sue in federal court, in order to "exhaust" her remedies. Don't know. Just a guess.)


These folks are great. They've put together some good tractable arguments.

Which position most nearly coincides with the US commitments to the Paris climate accords - the Williams' or the BLM's? Red White and Blue man speak with forked tongue.

If there is a chorus, let's add this to it: gas has already been over-produced, there is a national surplus, our energy security is assured, but that is the lie, as the purpose is to sell as much of it and as quickly as possible all over the globe, and the well-being of the inhabitants of these sacrifice zones were never a concern. In fact, there is no other concern but money.


Sometimes I think the feds (in many departments) are deliberately reaching for the most despicable act they can make, just for the hell of it. Why would they object to anyone who was willing to pay for leases (at an absurdly low cost BTW) when no one else wants them? It's almost like they're wearing t'shirts saying "WE WILL DESTROY THE PLANET" as a symbol of pride.

Welcome to the theater of the absurd.


The best-Congress-money-can-buy dictates BLM rules and enforcement. Vote out all the incumbents on November 8.

When I worked for an engineering firm engaged on projects for several federal agencies during the 1990s it was sad seeing Congress force draconian rules and actions on the agencies. BLM and the other agencies are as much the victims of Congress as we are.


BLM bureaucrats definitely were educated at Trump University. One cannot become this stupid on their own!!


Seems to me they have no right to lease OUR public lands to anyone. Selling or leasing should only come from the people in the state and only with approval of the majority, Oh wait that would be too much democracy for them to stomach. This is so infuriating.


Dede: You'd think so. What comes to mind is that California, in the midst of its worst drought ever, continues to sell water to (rogue) corporations like Nestle (for its Arrowhead brand). For good measure, the state practically gives it away.
Nestle pays an annual permit fee of $524, for which in 2015 they drew approx. 36,000,000 gallons (Nestle sells a gallon bottle for around $2.00, so the profit there is just around 100,000%). Same sweetheart deal in Canada: Per the Council of Canadians (the courageous Maude Barlow's org), Nestle pays British Columbia $2.25 for each 264,172 gallons (one million litres) it takes. And this under the auspices of self-proclaimed climate leader Jerry Brown (who refuses to stop fracking in California).


Ain't Capitalism grand.
Especially when it's backed up by the full faith and credit of the United States.


I once was a young surfer who was called a communist for questioning the war in Viet Nam.

Wound up in gradate school studying comparative economic systems before I had any real idea what a communist is.

This BLM policy is the exact sort of governmental perversion that infected the entire Soviet Union and forced a downsizing reorganization. The system blindly supports corporatism even while knowing corporatism centralizes vast pools of capital and does not actually make a profit that strengthens the nation.

Unaware brainwashed bureaucrats with the power to mess things up strike again.


I mean really, just really, how many of these sorts of things does any rational, sane human being have to read, hear or see while striving to live in harmony with Mother Earth?!


Indeed. Welcome to "Bizarro World", where everything is backwards and nothing makes sense.


Just another example of 'no clothes for the empire' ! Remember earth protectors are considered low level terrorists by the powers that be.


This land, of course, is all Indian Land and the BLM has had a problematic relationship with the First Nations and acting in the interests of corporations.



"The agency claims that it cannot issue the leases because we did not commit to developing them.": Hurrah for the Williams!


Yet another "Government" agency that is Owned and Run by Corporations while suckering Taxpayers into meeting the Payroll.
And Congress loves it that way.