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Feeding Homeless Humans Is Not A Crime


Feeding Homeless Humans Is Not A Crime

America's War On the Poor, Chap. 764: The day before a holiday honoring a civil rights icon who believed in "an inescapable network of mutuality" connecting us all, police in California's El Cajon enforced a new ban on “food sharing” by arresting a dozen volunteers for feeding the homeless in a park. The city says the ban is meant to protect the public from a hepatitis outbreak; critics say it's to dehumanize and criminalize the homeless one more time.


TO THE JOURNALISTS @ COMMON DREAMS: i really wanna c a follow-up to this story!


The U.S. is really going out of its way to earn the truly “evil” moniker. And how ironic that we call ourselves a “Christian” nation (against the separation of church and state and freedom of religion that our Constitution supposedly imposes). Not quite sure how criminalizing feeding homeless, hungry, poor humans jives with Jesus’ teachings about feeding the poor. By jove, I think it might actually be the exact opposite of those teachings…which would mean the U.S. is actively pursuing an anti-Christian agenda. When you add all of the millions of (mostly brown-skinned) human beings we kill in foreign countries over the years, the fact that we put profit above and over literally everything else in the world, including health, happiness, and human rights and well-being, by God it looks like the U.S. is literally an evil country actively promoting a literally evil agenda in direct contradiction of the teachings of Christ and Christianity.



It’s thirty years and counting since I first heard of new a city ordinance passed in Florida (Palm Springs, if memory serves) requiring supermarkets to douse the bruised fruit and vegetables in their dumpsters with bleach, to discourage the homeless from survival diving. “The more things change,” and all that…


Hadn’t heard that one. Wow. I knew that some clothing companies, when discarding unsold/overstocked clothes in the dumpsters back of their stores, will first shred it to prevent homeless people from taking it to wear. But bleaching food to prevent the hungry from eating - wow. The Devil must be laughing his ass off.

I’m guessing the majority of the population of Hell is American.


“I do not like your Christians. They are so unlike your Christ.”
–Mohandas K. Gandhi


Were a picture taken of people lining up for food or sleeping in tents because they were homeless taken in a country like North Korea (one of the poorest Countries on this Earth) , it would be used as evidence by the Capitalists and the right as to how Socialism fails.

When such pictures are taken in places like the United States of America, the so called “Richest Country in History” (and there are many thousands of these tent cities) where some 40 million rationed food via food stamps and those that give food away for free are taking profits away from the Wal Marts thus made into criminals , it used as an example by the Capitalists and right wing of the USA’s “Freedom and liberty which other Countries are envious of”.


Love that quote by Gandhi. So very accurate.


Capitalists insist that homelessness isn’t a failure of the system, but rather of the individual. I suspect that accounts for efforts to make the homeless invisible.


Vice Pres. Pence is sending 12 truck loads of ‘Boot Strap’s’ to these slacker’s . .


One more step in the ongoing devolution of civilization in the shithole country pictured above!


If Jesus returned now, to the U.S., he’d be arrested for helping the homeless!


Most people don’t realize that CA has the highest level of poverty of any state at just over 20% when it is adjusted for cost of living. There are thousands of homeless people in the state.


I use to live in El Cajon, and it was a common occurrence to see homeless people eating out of dumpsters.Probably a good thing I moved before I got arrested!


More and more places are passing laws like this. Where I live we provide meals for the homeless but our city is suing Las Vegas because they do not feed homeless, they buy them a one-way ticket and send them to a place that has at least one meal a day. Anyway, they sent a lot of people here. I think these laws could be mitigated by having something like a soup kitchen. In some places the food is really pretty good.


during the depression they managed to have soup kitchens, i would think that would have taught us something. and now adding religion to the mix, how do we protect those that are already without hope for a better day. the homeless deserves our help,no matter the reason they are homeless. they are overwhelmed by our country with no where else to go.