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Feeding the Furloughed: Let Them Eat Teriyaki Chicken Sandwiches With Ginger Aioli


Feeding the Furloughed: Let Them Eat Teriyaki Chicken Sandwiches With Ginger Aioli

Tom-Joad-like, celebrity chef and Spanish immigrant José Andrés has opened a pop-up kitchen in D.C. to help feed thousands of federal workers being stiffed by the Man-Baby-In-Chief. Andrés' non-profit World Central Kitchen, which has fed millions of disaster victims in Puerto Rico and around the globe, served almost 10,000 meals in two days, with long lines of tearful, angry people grateful for a hot meal. Andrés' homespun, humane mantra: "What's good for you, must be good for all."



Zimet sez:
“About 4,400 people, double what was expected, queued for toasted ham and cheese sandwich with roasted garlic aioli, quinoa bowl with black beans, fennel and tomato soup.”

Apparently Pestilent Chump was mystified at the lack of a queue for his offering of chilled hamberders and smocking-hot covfefe.



Always nice to read about the truly decent people of the World. He can give some of those “Christians” a lesson in Christianity.



Andres reminds us all what it truly means to be a human being by his gorgeous acts of kindness.



What a wonderful man! Thank you for being and acting like what the world, and I wish all Americans could be. Jose Andres, Spanish immigrant----HUMANIST, and what American government needs a lot of ; )




I remember watching that in my living room while my mom and dad bitched about their hair! I was hooked!

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You are correct Abby, a noble man, doing noble work, deserves the Noble Prize.

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I’d say he deserves it more than “I’m-the-only-thing-between-you-and-the-pitchforks”-Obama.



Let’s welcome the immigrants and dump trump — preferably somewhere in the Marianas Trench!

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Oh Bomb Obama? yes indeed. Did you get a new avatar? You look different, mmmmm hair cut, dyed hair somethings different here.

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Exactly. “What Would Jesus Do? Feed the hungry, and resist their oppressors.”

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My avatar is a picture of my Chaco dog – when her hair is all grown out she’s an Old English Sheepdog, but right after she’s been groomed she’s a West Highland Spaniel. :sunglasses:



Cute puppy :-)))

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And she is such a lover – she seriously cuddles with us, she’ll go up to Mike when he’s sitting in his chair and put her paw on one leg and lay her head down on his other leg.



Now that is a giggle vision Thanks :-)))

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Reading this, I feel greater respect for Jose Andres than I do for the President, the Vice-President, the Cabinet, and the Congress….combined.

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