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Feeding the Future Through Agroecology


Feeding the Future Through Agroecology

M. Jahi Chappell, Tara Ritter

The devastating drought in California, home to much of the country’s fruit and vegetable production, is spurring discussions about the future of food production in a new age of climate change.


If 3/4ths of persons polled “get it,” the issue is not about convincing the other 25%. The real problem is that of power. Corporations like Monsanto have tremendous legal & political clout and they use it to push their gen-tech agenda. Tragically, it’s the Monsantos of this world that are about to mow over far more sane and ecologically sound policies with the likely passage of the TPP and TIPP.

Consider the magnitude of the irony: So much talk about freedom down to the delusion that U.S. soldiers are overseas fighting “for our freedoms” when U.S. citizens are not even permitted to know what’s in their food. After all, the gen-tech corps. work diligently through all sorts of inverted advertising and PR campaigns to assert their right to NOT label and therefore hide from consumers exactly what it is that they are consuming.

Since so many organizations now rely upon corporate funds & donations, seldom to never are the links made between massive pesticide, herbicide, and gen-tech machinations and the enormous increase in Cancer, Depression, Autism, and Diabetes…or openly discussed. All this chemical inundation CANNOT be good for any living being and without honest discussions about this, those that are essentially making war on Mother Nature get away with mass murder. Heck, they work hand in glove with the Military State by designing weapons of a chemical nature and for all we know, genetic profiles can now target and effectively wipe out entire races.

It does boil down to this, and as the article’s own statistics relate, a majority of people get it. The problem is that what The People want is not what the powerbrokers set into policy.

This nails it:

“When broaching the topic of solving the future food dilemma—feeding a growing population while using the same amount of land and facing more volatile weather events—the arguments typically fall into one of two camps: 1.) produce more food on less land through the use of technology, chemicals, and genetically modified seeds, or 2.) turn to decentralized and diversified farming practices that naturally boost soil health and farm resilience, such as diverse crop rotations, cover crops, reducing tillage where it makes sense, and building local food systems.”

The poster Whoazzer (or something along those lines) typically shows up to push model #1 by LYING about #2.


Organic, sustainable agriculture represents science at its best; industrial agriculture represents science run amok.


“Industrial agriculture represents science run amok”, AND represents corporate control of government and the money that lubricates it run amok.


It worth noting that an executive of Monsanto stated that they have an entire department of people at that firm who are PAID to debunk articles/postings/science and the like that suggest GMOS and the poison products that firm makes as being harmful to the environment and our health.

Yet people still do get it through all of those lies.

That debunking and all the articles the press will run with that in favor of the Monsantos of the world acts as much to give some illusion of scientific consensus on the issue as it does to disinform the public at large.

Talking head types can then cite such manufactured consensus as evidence the people all got it wrong and the Government acting on their behalf can then pretend they go with science when they formulate policy rather than hysteria.

We see those paid debunkers almost everywhere and regarding every issue . They stick out like a sore thumb here on these boards with those that continue to promote Nuclear power.


Model #2 also will help in carbon sequestration as in real, fertile and chemical free soil having the ability of cleaning hydrocarbons from our already overly polluted atmosphere-


Just the fact that the US Government is in cahoots with Monsanto in Patenting all seed varieties speaks volumes to “Corporate Control of Government”-
This is about controlling the World food supply, as in weaponizing food availability and distribution throughout the World with FULL SPECTRUM DOMINANCE as the driving force…