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Feeding the Wrong Wolf


Feeding the Wrong Wolf

John Atcheson

Tuesday night, as the results from the primaries were crystallizing, the media declined to cover a speech by Bernie Sanders so they could "stand-by" on the chance that Trump might speak.

But there’s nothing new about that. The press has been ignoring or discounting Sanders all along, and covering Trump as if he were the second coming.


Excellent depiction of how the “feeding of the wolf” factors into the net mood of the American body politic.

Well-done, Mr. Atcheson.

And while it’s a fool’s errand to argue with someone whose mind is inured to truth, I will repeat this material as taken from the article. It PROVES that voters are not the cause of the nation’s ills (as this forum’s tag team daily asserts):

"And of course, our entire political process has been hijacked by special interests. In the words of Martin Gilens and Benjamin I. Page—scholars who have done the most comprehensive study on the influence of money on the political process:

“When the preferences of economic elites and the stands of organized interest groups are controlled for, the preferences of the average American appear to have only a minuscule, near-zero, statistically non-significant impact upon public policy (emphasis added).”


To be more effective, use the more precise term: “corporate media”, rather than MSM. That’s what Frank Luntz and George Lakoff would tell you.


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Others have also noted how Sanders has been shunned by the corporate media. The WaPo yesterday had 16 consecutive negative postings about him. I have wondered whether it is because his dwelling on inequality is a threat to the one percent who own the corporate media.


I hope many progressives won’t vote for the wrong wolf, (Hillary), for the wrong reason, (lesser evil), if Bernie fails to get the D nomination. I’m all for Bernie, but a plan B that emphasizes Bernie’s principles should be given some serious consideration.
If some progressives vote for the lesser evil, and some vote for Trump, (out of spite), and some stay home, (no good choices), and some write-in Bernie, and some vote Green, then nothing positive can possibly be accomplished. I say, "take a chance and vote Green. If all Sandernistas took this approach, the Green Party could win in a three way race. Ross Perot got 19% of the electorate in 1992 and that was way before social media was a factor.
Backing Bernie was a long shot and if he fails, backing the Greens would be a long shot. However a vote for Jill Stein would be a vote for the right wolf.


A profound metaphor for the human condition that feeding the wrong wolf idea. I would like to add, at least in terms of NPR (and the media) that once they openly started to give Bernie the silent treatment, that they had no choice but to feature Trump otherwise the continued lack of coverage for Bernie would be very noticeable. NPR, most especially, betrayed their oft stated principles and those old fashioned ideals of objectivity, truth and fairness but also their duty as a public broadcaster to the public. They stooped to manipulation as did the corporate media but they took something more than did the MSM. What the people at NPR today took away was our hope that America was still a free nation. They choose to manipulate us which means they have elitist disdain for us. That they were also willing to dumb us down and arrogantly tell us what we should think and who we would vote for. By manipulating and restricting coverage for Bernie NPR said to us that we would not be allowed to make up our own minds based on the facts. NPR limited the facts and skewed the perception all the while pretending that they weren’t pulling a fast one on us - coming from arrogance and a sense of superiority to tell us what they wanted us to do.

I am sure that the reporters and producers at NPR went around telling themselves and each other that they were exercising their rights to have personal opinions but that is the problem when you are using the public airwaves and funds to do so and taking advantage of people after presenting themselves as objective reporting instead. They betrayed our understanding of a free press and what it takes to be a free people in a democracy.

NPR was perhaps the worst offender of all the media. They are private corporations after all and do not present themselves as anything else. NPR tells us that they are public radio. They stole that from us. They left us abandoned and betrayed by the side of the road holding on to our pitiful belief in democracy and that we as people matter and that it matters how we get treated. They …the people at NPR today stole our our last tattered hope that we still had a free press that respected us and the public’s right to know.

I predict that NPR will soon do a piece about freedom of the press throughout history and feature its role in American politics. That will rinse away the sour taste in the broadcasters’ mouths and allow them to feel recharged with their self induced delusions that they are exemplars of that tradition. NPR might need to do a series of treatments obliquely touching on the issue that Bernie wasn’t covered fairly by the media. Won’t that be nice?