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Feel the Bern: Sanders and the Power of Grassroots Fundraising


Feel the Bern: Sanders and the Power of Grassroots Fundraising

Robert Borosage

The Washington Post on Saturday reported that Hillary Clinton has launched “an intense press to stockpile campaign dollars in the final days of the quarter, aiming to build a war chest big enough to eclipse what is expected to be a healthy fundraising haul by Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont.”


While I did give a bit of money to Nader's campaign and possibly Jill Stein's, Mr. Sanders has a program where one can have a small amount deducted from their credit card each month. I opted for that. I'm sharing this since it's a fairly financially painless way to support the best VIABLE candidate at this particular time in an otherwise dismal history.


Funny you should say that; after reading this article I decided to go to Bernie Sander's web site and make a small contribution. I picked an amount close to the average donation to his campaign, according to a recent CNN piece.

I agree with you, he is an exceptionally bright star in an otherwise bleak political landscape (sorry to mention 'star' to an astrology expert; take it just as an everyday metaphor).


Sen. Sanders may have a Super Tuesday problem but he doesn't have a Hillary problem. Which is: the more she's in the lime light the more it looks like she's burying herself in quick lime and forget-me nots. And, Bill keeps whining and sniveling on THE TEEVEE, which even makes these 2 appear more like sore winners. After 4 decades of splitting the difference between Conservative policies, and DLC money, what we get from the Establishment is a jumbled mishmash of contradictory talking points and petty pandering, to boot. Now, Bernie is being asked to step it up on the "immigration issue " and his cure all plan. But these are just land mines of Establishment " gotcha ", since the Republicans have managed to alienate almost everyone on the left side of Pope Francis's stance on Kim Davis's rights of first refusal. The road to Bernie's nomination goes through the West and not the Iron Pyrite Super Tuesday Fiasco. Maybe Hillary could become President of The New Confederacy and Bill could be her Viceroy, if these 2 lose this primary. It would serve these 2 pikers, and the Establishment DLC right, if that's how this failed coronation finally plays out. All Hail the Queen, y'all come on back now, ya' here.


Dear All,
Please, if you support Bernie, go to www.revoltagainstplutocracy.org and 'take the pledge' which is: TO WRITE IN BERNIE'S NAME IF IT BECOMES NECESSARY through more DNC shenanigans, like Wasserman Schultz limiting the # of debates so HRC could/would be a clear winner.

Also, please call the DNC & DEMAND MORE DEBATES. It's gotta be obvious to a blind man now that the more Americans hear from Bernie, the more supporters he has! Right?
As I see it, the only thing[s] between Bernie and the nomination are [1]lack of name recognition [2] more DNC crap.

If you know anyone who knows anyone in South Carolina, please enroll them in Bernie. Our primary in SC is Feb. 27.


Why? Why even try to do that if the Democratic Party subverts the progressive candidate? What good does it do?

Why not instead break with the Democratic Party and help a leftist 3rd Party by voting for one of their nominees who will be on the ballot?

If the Democratic Party denies Sanders the nomination, don't write in Sanders, vote for the Green nominee instead.


Bernie spoke today at the University of Chicago, local media actually covered him.


This is so sad. This is why no one votes anymore. If Obama only had 6 debates in 2008 he could never have won, or it would have been a lot harder. I am really (REALLY) getting upset at the insiders in the democratic party.


I also did that.


A ballot initiative, a proposition to get the money and revolving doors out of politics is long overdue.


Thank you for setting the example and explaining how simple it is!

It is amusing that Hillary has to have FIVE WALL STREET FUNDRAISER PARTIES to catch up with Bernie!


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Uber Voting:

To greatly increase grassroots voter participation, have an app that lets you place your encrypted vote with a touch on your smart phone. It will be safe, fast, cheap or free and can be used along with traditional voting methods. And it will give each voter a copy of their vote. In Spain they are using a similar method to vote on laws proposed by the public.

Snowden recommends encryption for safe communications.

This can be done quickly, before the Presidential election if programmers take an interest in the concept.