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Feel Uneasy. Feel Very Uneasy

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/11/feel-uneasy-feel-very-uneasy


Lee Atwater, then Karl Rove set this Nazi coup in motion, through elitist Ronny Reagan. Republicans since called themselves Reagan republicans. They then let 911 happen, continuing the steps to fascism. Most recently in the history of politics, the Confederate south joined in. It is now, A Nazi/Confederate coup. These people need to be labeled, the enemy of the state and be treated as such, in EVERY sense of the word. Acts of war should win in court, if by a jury of our peers. Thus, the stacking of our courts with fascist judges.


Empire’s fall is continuing in spite of the loser clowns, Pompeo, the GOP Senate, et al. Biden won’t save us, only we the people can save ourselves during the coming depression, when the economy, on life support now as it is, collapses completely leaving millions facing foreclosure or evictions, during winter, no less. The pandemic is far from over as well. Vaccines are rarely ever effective against corona-viruses anyway. What works for a few months is useless as soon a the strain mutates a tiny bit and becomes, perhaps, even more virulent. Dark times are ahead, regardless. Fascism will raise its unruly head in short order.


Great title! Well describes how I feel. I was born into a Republican family, but it was an Eisenhower Republican family. (Look up Ike’s 1956 platform for what that means.) I left for the progressive independent path never to embrace a political party. When many years after my decision I learned that George Washington penned in his September 1796 Farewell Address that political parties should be eschewed, I felt in pretty great company. Thank you George for stepping down when you probably could have kept the reins of power.


George and Ike stepped down likely because they felt they had done enough, and were somewhat weary after being military generals during the biggest wars our country has experienced.


Like Vito Corleone ordered, “Make them an offer they can’t refuse.”


Just so nothing interferes with enjoying and digesting a good meal, etcetera. Digestion is serious business when it’s not automatically as straightforward as it used to be (as for me, for instance).

Come to think of it, I’ve about had enough of walking on freaking eggshells all my life. I’m in that Ralph Waldo transparent eyeball state now – even though the eyeball can’t believe what it sees – floating around in the breeze. I’m okay if it goes this way, or if it goes that way. Okay if I live a lot longer, or if I die tomorrow. I’ve had a much better life already than someone of my limited virtue deserves anyhow.

So my incredibly humble opinion is that it’s okay if folks don’t feel like feeling bad all the time.


POTUS TRUMP; his only choice now is to be the swollen head of a very sore and ill-placed rump. He’s not close to being on the D. C. bump, six million voters maybe more, just sent his fellow grifters and hoodwinkers to the country’s dump. From his latest shiney new tower Trump can quietly glare, but now he’s got no juice, just a haystack of oddly coifed orangish weird hair.
The rumors of Trump moves now fill the air, what plots and cut deals will likely unfold? He’s got a very small window but they’ve already gone rather stinky, starting to mold. Like his fellow Bible holders, things look haywire, this picture is all wrong, it’s upside down. Why are the people so glad to chase the old crude clown, and his bizarro entourage, out of their town?


Yes we should all feel uneasy. As I see it, Trump and the gop have one last hope to maintain control of the WH. Convince gop governors to change the electoral votes delivered in December, that in my opinion is the reason for continuing “the election was fraudulent” meme. The question is can they keep it going until then, and will enough governors thwart the will of the people? I don’t know the answer to those questions, but I believe this traitorous group will try.


I too feel this unease the author speaks of. I think if they try, we will see the country rip itself apart with a general strike and social unrest that will make the turbulent 60’s pale in comparison. And with an exploding pandemic on top of a collapsing economy, this country will be brought to its knees. Let’s hope saner heads prevail.


Uneasy because:

  1. No one in DC will place 25th amendment into action.
  2. Republicans are actually complicit, abetting Trump transition terror.
  3. Setting up his children as the Republican National Committee.
  4. Georgia senate run off elections do not look good for democratics.
  5. Nunes is danger as is Cotton in senate.

As the country drifts toward civil war, the unease at not knowing mixes with the disappointment of the past failures of a massive progressive, true left movement to materialize in the streets. If the Nazi-Confederate-ReTrumplicans truly insist on following through on their attempted coup, what form does our anticipation of the coming tipping point into chaos take; one of fear, or resignation and acceptance of the inevitable, overdue and necessary transition ahead?

I like your sentiment and your earlier Emerson reference. I have a comfortable existence, and my angst is based in empathy that I don’t understand why All don’t share. I shall never understand that. To me, it is one of the fundamental roots of morality.

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I don’t think the governors can do it. The state legislature would have to quickly change how the state determines its presidential votes, then the governor would have to agree to that change.

That means there would have to be enough/large enough states that went to Biden that have both Republican majority state legislatures and Republican governors.

I don’t understand why people drive like that, either. Beats the hell out of me. Maybe it’s just worse around here, where Bay Area liberals make up for their gentle affect by driving like total assholes. But it’s not just driving – when I encounter people so certain that their time is more valuable than someone else’s, I’ve never understood that, even though I was properly raised to traditional USA assholitude.

Thanks for your kind words.


I’m not clear about the technical rules or the legal rules that apply in this situation, but there are political pundits who claim it’s possible with so many states under gop governors and gop controlled state House and Senates. According to them, they (governors) could use the fake “fraud” to give them a mandate to cast the electoral votes for Trump, defying the will of the voters in their states. .

“However, [what] if none of those scenarios are the true motivation…and if the GOP is not just playing along until he does [leave], but, instead, actively participating in a de facto coup…”

Sottile lays out his competing scenarios without evidence or evaluation - so there is no basis for evaluating any of them…so one scenario appears as true or plausible as any other. ‘What if this’? Yea, but ‘What if that’?

No doubt the GOP and its base would support a coup. But ‘what if’ Trump’s “true motivation” is to pull off a coup that the GOP is - right now - “actively participating in”?

Pull off a coup how? U.S. courts are knocking down the Trump administration’s electoral lawsuits, one after another - and they wouldn’t change the electoral vote outcome if they succeeded.

So what’s your evidence for a coup-in-the-making scenario, Mr. Sottile?


h ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTyQgeetGQs
“Krystal and Saagar: Here’s EVERYTHING We Know About Trump Election Fraud Allegations”
"Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti weigh in on polling that reveals 80% of Americans think Joe Biden won the election. They also discuss President Trump’s lawsuits in several states.

Today, Trump owns the republican party. Please notice how well the party did in house, senate federal contests. State and local elections. They have the time on their side to let Trump slide. They are looking at speaker of the house right now - co-operate with dems to oust Nancy.

Republicans know they will gain house and keep senate in 2022. Then, pick a prick like trump as their presidential nominee in 2024. Some tough talking, swagger, gun totin, son-of-a-gun.
Sure to easily beat Kamala Harris. That should be the unease. Not just this pique in the white house who is thumbing his nose - even at the millions of doofus who voted for him. Proves americans failed at education.

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Ask yourself: 9/11 Cui Bono? The fascist, UN/ PATRIOT ACT FOR ONE!

Bigfoot, enjoyed your post. Shanti

Unfortunately, those are probably the most sane options available. We negated all of the “win-win” options when we collectively decided to enhance the wealth of the tip-top of our society instead of addressing this existential issue with a more gradual, moderate response focused on transitioning away from fossil fuels 4 decades ago. Of course that was part re-invigoration of neoliberalism in our collective rush to crown the Bedtime for Bonzo, “We begin bombing in five minutes,” proto-Trump, by kicking Carter to the curb based largely on “Trumped” up economic lies and foreign interference (Iran agreeing not to release hostages until after election) in U.S. elections.