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Feeling Blue About Climate Change? You're Not Alone


Feeling Blue About Climate Change? You're Not Alone

Kristy Dahl

It’s been a tough year for those of us in the climate change community. Each week has seemed to bring either a fresh report reminding us of how precious little time we have left to try to turn this ship around or a disaster that has climate change’s fingerprints all over it. Friends, family, colleagues, and reporters have all asked whether I’m optimistic or hopeful about our ability to limit the severity of future climate change. And I’ll be honest: I’m not. But that doesn’t mean we should give up—in fact that would be among the worst things we could do.


To the author, Christina Dahl…why when “people” talk about “taking action” on climate change…does no one ever bring up actual…practical current sutikns…instead if talking about distant…hopium if switching out our infratructure…which takes decades. …and …at the same time.e ceeate so much habitat destruction I the mining and building this infrastructure…in other words…there aee things we could be doing. Right now…which would SLOW the co2 emissions…drastically…such as…a drastic…ir comete shut diwn on flying…no.more professional sports reapsing athlete’s all over… no.more flying for frivolous reasons…THE RICH INCLUDED…did you know that there were 1,100 private jet that flew to the last Superbowl?? Let alone the commercial flights. Oicknips and cars…ha!! This. Is JUST AN EXAMPME…of what we could do to GET RESULTS RIGHT NOW…AND. I am not stopping there. Idf we expand out on this jdea…we would stop production if …LOTS of wasteful crap…even MAKEUP…I MEAN. WE ARE TALKING EXTIMCTION HERE FOLKS…LET’S WAKE UP!!
Do we want our casinos…professional sports and lawn ornaments more than we want to LIVE??


It;s a daunting problem. A brief look at the problem shows that emissions come from numerous countries and emissions come from many sources. It appears overwhelming and not manageable and so far that has been the case. To make matters worse it requires action on several different levels including federal, state or province, local community, and individual. And time is limited to take effective action. And maybe worst of all there are many people who are opposed to taking action and are tying to prevent it. The biggest change that would have a positive effect in the near future is Republicans getting swept out of office at the federal level. That would at least allow the US to become a leader on climate again and allow the federal government to play the role it should be playing in reducing emissions.


HI theinitiate: I think this happens because for some reason humans tend to always think that those who die will always be “somebody else.” : (


Kristy, you’re son shows a propensity towards humor in dire situations. Encourage it, I believe future generations will need it to keep their sanity, living in the world we are leaving them.
“grief-o-MOM-eter”, priceless.


Republicans getting swept out of office at the federal level would be a step in the right direction, but we should be honest: the US has never really been a leader on climate and our government has never played an adequate role when it comes to emissions. What we need are new leaders within the Democratic Party and a more substantive role for leaders outside of political parties.


So the US could be a leader on climate again." When was that?


My vision of inhibiting climate change includes invention. It includes R&D.

My vision of inhibiting climate change includes me inventing. How could I not see myself as part of the solution? I have designed and built a series of off-grid, no-chimney, no-fuel, no sheet plastic, wood and glass, inexpensive, downright cheap, humidity-conquering, long-lasting solar greenhouses for growing hot weather crops in midwinter in the frost belt. It’s sweaty constructing the current greenhouse’s inside on a sunny day and I haven’t even put the insulation in yet.

If a greenhouse can maintain hot weather in January, a house can do it too. We just build that prototype. Nothing to it! Somebody else will build #2 because economically sound solar cachet is so cool and natural gas is so dead, then #3 will be built, then suddenly everybody will want one. That will end almost all of the Frost Belt’s demand for natural gas for heat, which is half of all the demand for natural gas. Wham, no natural gas pipeline expansions! What architectural firm in their right minds would bother to design a building for a world where there obviously isn’t going to be any natural gas? A house with a missing piece reminds me of the realtor selling a southerner a house, “How here’s a house without a flaw.” “Then what do y’all walk on?”

I have other inventions that end the Frost Belt’s demand for natural gas for electricity generation after sunset. Yes, I think that they probably work, and at popular prices.

Next, I have about 100 separate innovations that work together for a new transit system so that we can replace freeways. I’m prolific.

Next, we can’t afford to let the Arctic regions release 1.7 trillion tons of carbon, in the form of greenhouse gases including methane. We need to put the pin back in this grenade fairly quickly. I have some rather ecologically benign inventions.

I’m feeling blue about climate change not because the bad guys will never, ever want to get it as long as their profits keep flowing, but because not one of the good guys seem to get it, not one, nowhere in the U.S… The good guys all seem to hate the concept of R&D to a woman, hate R&D to a man, hate R&D to a ze.

The facts to them are, they’re making (glacial) progress in the political arena so they don’t want to be bothered with heading straight for the open goal, and scoring quickly, usually because their politically oriented group doesn’t have the wherewithal set up to do something different. When your only tool is a hammer, you tend to see all of your problems as nails.

If I start screaming at them because of the terrible planetary mistake they’re making by their stony collective silence, they’ll take offense, they’ll circle the wagons and then they still won’t get it.

So, the problem is, in the end yes I’m relatively alone. I’ll keep working on the real solutions with any friends that I can randomly find. Good luck out there.


I disagree. At the international level the US has been a leader on climate change. The most obvious example is the Paris Climate Agreement which was Obama’s idea and he and John Kerry were able to convince China and India to sign on which made the whole thing possible. And at international climate meetings the US has served as the leader of the developed nations. The US has also been a leader in wind and solar technology development. And the US is a leader in measuring global temperature and atmospheric levels of greenhouse gases. The US is also the leader in climate science with NASA and NOAA playing particularly big roles. While the US has not done nearly enough on reducing emissions it is a leader among the developed countries in reducing emissions. I don’t think Democratic leadership is the problem. I think the problem is there are quite a few Democrats from fossil fuel producing states and it is difficult to get their votes on climate legislation and of course getting Republican votes is almost impossible.


What is the effect of the HAARP Project upon climate? Just what is in the chem trails and why are they doing that to (or for) us? Do chem trails have fire accelerants such as aluminum in them? Why is the official Federal Forest Fire Management Policy STILL today, right now, “let it burn?” Are smart electric meters really smart or are they really a health hazard for humans and all life forms and the environment? Why was Greenland called GREENland in Lief Erikson’s time when they supposedly farmed there? Are all the planets in our solar system really experiencing increased solar heat or is that more disinformation? What evidence is there that we are about to enter a new ice age as some scientists claim? How much carbon is our military-industrial complex putting out for its unending wars? How much carbon is being released by both planes and rockets as compared to cars? Is our population being deliberately reduced by a slow cook/kill with the proliferation of wi-fi microwave which is particularly destructive of sperm and eggs? Gopherit


The damn government of ours is a complete failure and has been for many generations; on both world peace and climate leadership. Why we continue to support these people, and on top of that continue to pay them, is beyond belief. It will be government which will either break the climate impasse or be the cause of it. All of us must be made to be climate activists through government legislation. A grounding of all private jets, a fuel ration per person, a limit on the size of homes and the amount of heat they are allowed to use, etc. Once everyone is required to fall into line and be a part of the solution no matter how much wealth one has then we have a chance. Without all of us being treated equally there is no hope. I repeat: if government cannot be a huge part of the solution then why do we have itl