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Feeling Heat of Mueller's Russia Probe, Trump USDA Pick Sam Clovis Drops Out


Feeling Heat of Mueller's Russia Probe, Trump USDA Pick Sam Clovis Drops Out

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Clovis's withdrawal comes as a new poll shows nearly half of all Americans believe it is likely Trump "committed a crime in connection with possible Russian attempts to influence the election"


And then they had to haul him out in a large U-Haul moving truck. Better keep an eye on him (should not be too difficult…) as he may not stay put.


Even “extraordinarily unqualified” may be an understatement for this nomination by Trump. We now know when Trump said he would appoint the best people what he really meant in Trumpspeak was the most unqualified people. So add that to the Trumpspeak vocabulary list, best means most unqualified.


Polls are useful things to help predict elections; investigations–not so much. Let’s let the process of discovery be the guide rather than the sport of public opinion. I will, however, take glee that Mueller is getting at Pence’s chief of staff. That is a good sign. President Ryan–ah, still quite a bit of throw-up in my mouth.


if I could give more than one like I would…thanks for making me laugh


“War is peace.
Freedom is slavery.
Ignorance is strength.”—George Orwell, 1984


I wrote my Senators and House Rep on this and they listened, thank you all from NM. The clown car cabal just keeps finding more clowns to fill needed experts in their field not Koch bros Federalist Society Heritage idiots. Please Universe make it stop already, the nightmare can’t last forever; can it?


Perfect!! I reread 1984 last year, how smart Orwell seemed, to predict the future so accurately.


I disagree with the idea that Clovis was unqualified. Like all Trump’s nominees, he is superbly qualified for the actual job Trump wanted him to do at Agriculture. The question is what was that job? Probably something involving approval of more toxic chemicals in our food, less controls over the quality of meat and dairy products, supervising the continued destruction of family farms. The danger of regarding his removal as a victory obscures the likelihood that whoever now takes the job meant for Clovis will go right ahead with the work of destruction.


My father was superintendent of Chaco Canyon when my brother and I were very young. I had the opportunity to visit there a few years ago – still beautiful country. Amazing how much of Pueblo Bonito has been excavated and I personally believe that Chaco is the North American Stonehenge. Wish I could make another mud pie with that wonderful red dirt! :hugs:


I thought it was reported here last week that this scumbag withdrew his nomination earlier. WTF?


Hell, he would have been great for the USDA. Looks very well fed on pork and fried chicken.


Been there. A wonderful place.


He had recent history and current events of the time to guide him.


George Orwell was way ahead of his time with his prescient book 1984, written in 1948.

" In a time of universal deceit; telling the truth will be a revolutionary act." Orwell.


Look at the above picture of Sam Clovis and tell me if you would buy an used car from this guy! Trump wants to fill the swamp with people like Sam…not drain it!


And this time is nothing if not "a time of universal deceit". Orwell was probably one of the 20th century’s brightest people!


Also lots of Prime Rib and Lobster, I suspect.


It was fun living there – especially in the Fall when the tumbleweeds went flying; and in the summer when we could make mud pies, but not so much when the rain caused flash floods and the road going in was hidden in the deluge – I remember one particularly heavy rain that trapped the Navajos that worked on the park at Chaco b/c the flooding was so bad they couldn’t get out; they shared supper and breakfast with us! The other thing we really enjoyed as kids was driving over the cattle guard on the road that led to Chaco – we always knew we were home when we drove over that and saw the rock ‘bird’ formation on that road. :sunglasses::grinning:

And thank you for your comment – amazing how diverse commenters can find things they have in common :sunglasses: