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Feeling Not Quite So Hopeless in a World on the Skids


Feeling Not Quite So Hopeless in a World on the Skids

Frida Berrigan

In the wake of Donald Trump’s inauguration, George Orwell’s 1984 soared onto bestseller lists, as did Sinclair Lewis’s It Can’t Happen Here and Margaret Atwood’s


Terrific essay Frida Berrigan - and thanks for eschewing the 'don't look back' mantra floated by Obama and others. The entire social sphere of food responds to hard times with salutary taking back from the commodified, financialized futures not-here-now model so toxic in so many ways. This old goat is in an apt - but still do worm composting with utter amazement at the elegance of the process.

New Hampshire communities are also working to find ways to bring healthy foods to folks on food stamps and the food dollars therein to local farmers markets. One model is foundation funded matching $ for each food stamp $ spent at the farmers market.
Gleaning is being organized by the community kitchen and local farmers have been amazingly tuned in to these bridging models.

As far as I'm concerned we human beings are 'hard-wired' for and default to joy, compassion, reciprocity, no less than the electrobiochemical commonalities we share. It has taken generations and rigid, institutionalized oppressive force for the toxic power brokers to make it this far.

It is joy and creativity, the willingness to step bravely where you've not yet stepped before that reminds us of the sheer breadth of our spirit and humanity squelched so assiduously by the dysfunctionality of the system(s). I toast the simple spectrum of elegance of a front yard garden with your children.

Cheers to Madeline and Seamus, and you, your husband, neighbors and community - and loving inspirational memories of your dad and uncle.


Ah, the garden, which nourishes my soul and belly and keeps me sane.

Bonus points: Extra produce from the community garden plot will go to a local food bank.