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Feeling Seen, Feeling Heard: Bernie At the Taco Shop


Feeling Seen, Feeling Heard: Bernie At the Taco Shop

In California - where Clinton once led Sanders by 40 points - the candidates are now statistically, improbably tied, with news outlets reporting slim shifting leads. Bernie's encounters in "the big enchilada" have ranged from fervent crowds of up to 60,000 in Oakland to a glad chance meet-up at Fresno's local taco joint. In truth, the odds are still against him. But oh what a galvanizing ride - and, hopefully, legacy.


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Like a turd that drops in the toilet, Killary is sinking fast.


Screw legacy. Screw poll workers being told to hand out ballots to independents that will be discarded.

Are we supposed to just stand by and let them steal California?

It's a bit bigger than Nevada and New York.

Me, I'm sick of the un-Democratic Democratic party.

Screw establishment Dems.

This isn't the time to talk about legacy, this is the time to fight,

We're in it to win it.


Sanders 2016


Unless he popularizes and removes all obstacles to voter initiatives and binding referenda, President Bernie will have a very difficult time democratizing government and getting his programs through Congress and SCOTUS.


Have visions of this going viral; hang on to your hats, folks Methinks 'the Bernie' is the most awesome dance of freedom for real, a 'democracy' like America has ever known. Do the Bernie! I like it. Wish I could vote down there; I sure do 'feel the Bern!' up here.


'Talk Bernie to me!' Google it. hehe 'Do the Bernie! Is a hoot too. Am amazed by the outpouring of creative ideas inspired by the tireless Senator who's been speaking truth to power for a very long time. Finally, Bernie is not only being seen and heard; he's inspiring the Revolution needed in America since the assignation of JFK.


BINGO! Your vote counts, even in Podunk, nawth cahlina, murikkka!


Goin' dowwwwn'......


But the stink lasts and still afloat. Sadly, the Cali Dem Primary seemed 'lifted' due to questionable and/or discarded or uncounted ballot histrionics; and folk call it a 'democracy' down there. What folly! From here it serve as a joke were it not for the possibility of Prez being a billionaire bigot via him negatively 'firing up' the mislead electorate of their 'basic common sense.' Should be Bernie Sanders leading the way out of the hypocrisy passed off as 'a real democracy.'