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Feeling the Gleeful Bern


Feeling the Gleeful Bern

Okay, so the giddy rumor that Pope Francis had endorsed Bernie Sanders as "a man of great integrity and moral conviction" turned out to be a hoax. But the basic premise underlying the story - that Bernie has attracted massive, exuberant and often improbable support for those very qualities - rings true. As proof, behold the emergence of manifold groups, substantive to satirical: Babies/Artists/Geeks/Workers/Hot Guys/People With Unruly Hair For Bernie. Thus does joy, for now, visit the political landscape.


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Hillary is still going to win the right to lose the next presidential election to JEB! (Why?!! 'cause it's his turn, that's why!!)


I'm impressed with Bernie's progressive stance on many issues, but his support for continued military action makes me question how much sincere change we'd see, were he elected. That said, we can safely assume that nothing in the status quo would change were Clinton elected.

Seeing so many people get excited about Sanders' message does inspire some hope...it just reminds me too much of the hype surrounding Obama's 2008 campaign. Watching closely.


You must be the poet that know it. You don't pose a riddle or even a truth, I bet you're an old Traveler from Arkansas, possessing only one tooth. I heard people like you forecast like opiated fortune tellers, Whose wisdom comes from the misreading of labels, in dank old wine cellars. Take all your musings and scribblings and such, To a green recycling center because they don't amount to very much.


Bernie is running because Bernie has always believed in changing the system from within. He is quite admirable for what he is accomplishing as to broadening the debate as well.

Bernie is running for people - the little guys, the poor, the workers, the middle class against the rigged game run by oligarchy.

If someone asks what does Bernie get out of it, the answer is easy. Bernie gets the vindication of his progressive views.

He also gets the history books. Anybody really can become president after all.


But words ARE important. The following link is worth the read: http://www.truth-out.org/opinion/item/33407-is-bernie-sanders-dangerous-to-socialism


Fair question. This link might give some clues and highlights the fact that Bernie is not a socialist but a Social Democrat.


Good point... lol!

Nevertheless despite all those who would burn the Bern no matter what it costs us in the long run, Bernie is about as independent as they come. His inside is still outside as his refusal to accept the big boys oligarchy money shows.

So yes technically he is inside but even so he remains outside the big money morass.

Bernie is like a free range politician. :sunglasses:

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Yes BERNIE is the real deal. His 35 year political career from mayor, gov and USA fed gov Senator is consistent articulate voice and action for peaceful non violent grass roots real progressive holistic socialist democrat for our people's Revolution by, for and of we the 99% USA citizens rising up by OCCUPYING EVERY ISSUE/ASPECT WITH OUR PLATFORM. The 1% are at war on our legal US sovereignty Every aspect of our lives is on the line as World Order GLOBALISTS Corporate Secret Fast Track Criminals of 666 Multinational Corporations by skull and bones scum bags buying our gov and our rights, liberties and freedoms for EVERYTHING from personal to planetary death and destructions beyond unconscionable!

BERNIE is NOT a hawk! Research! Got arrested for protesting VIETNAM War and ever since his record shows he did not vote for IRAQ War... He always says military force must be the last. Check out all the videos of BERNIE going back on any issue... He tells the truth every time and called out Greenspan and crushed him in 2003...years later sicko Greenspan admits BERNIE was right about the crimes of Wall Street and Federal Reserve that were leading US down the road to the world's biggest BANKSTERS world wide PONZI schemes screwing and raping and robbing the 99% globally!!!

BERNIE knows the truth and seeks to engage with justice! We need to know that USA has the lowest ratings in major developed nations, LOW ratings in Healthcare ("Sick Care"), Education shattered, employment/pay, elections turnout, labor unions and pensions, incarcerations gross grim gruesome police/corrections/courts, our roads, bridges, municipalities infrastructure crumbling, environmental climate crisis causes are on DANGERS!!! CAUTION!!!
WARNINGS!!!, wars wars and more wars without end, whistleblowers who tell the truth, our NET NEUTRALITY IS UNDER ATTACK BY COMCAST, VERIZON, AT&T, TIME WARNER... The Monopoly Monster Madness Mergers are salivating to own and enslave 99% with Mainstream LAMESTREAM media pundits zombies robots, 95% of USA citizens demand GMO on labels or BAN GMO EVERYTHING LIKE 69 SMART NATIONS WITH PRUDENT HEALTH AND SAFETY LAWS!!!

Get serious about truth and justice and bold strong smart in the streets massively we need to get the biggest election turnout for 2016. Take the whole real people's progressive platform for revolution and get ready for a major turn out. We the people are funding BERNIE massively and he is NOT funded by any billionaires! banks! corporations period!

BERNIE'S total net worth is somewhere under $400,000! He never has taken big lobbyist crony insiders filthy dirty $$$. A very unique outside the box political career caring for seniors, poor people, low income, middle class, military veterans, ecology, climate crisis, healthcare justice, GMO LABELLING, and a lot more!

Wake up AMERICA we are NOT the best biggest most powerful nation in the world except our Military madness uses over half our USA budget and the loans cost over 40% interest and the bankers love war and US sells more weapons of every kind than the rest of the world combined... USA military leading consumer/polluter with big oil and gas products! Let us transition all nuclear power to solar power safe healthy now! We could be very most powerful when we unite.

BERNIE is incomparable to any other candidate running!
OBAMA was an unknown baby politico with no real record. He knew how to tell us what we wanted to hear to get elected, and then he waged war on truth. And justice with liars, robbers and killers and busted bright truth telling whistleblowers every one without exception. BERNIE burnt all the bridges to liars, robbers any killers and has no record to be guilty of!

Real USA citizens with a full deck and warm beating hearts agree we are on a mission to save our democracy that is Bleeding to death and save ourselves from the criminals crooks creeps sociopaths psychopaths sickos NOW.

BERNIE is for Power to the people. Are we smart and sweet enough to rise up in real peaceful non violent grass roots revolution? I sure hope so because USA either comes together now or USA is buried in the dumpster! Put an end to criminal politicos and the lame voting for "the lesser of two evils" GOP and DEMS whores for the corporations and at war on the 99%.