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'Feels Like a Desecration': Critics Denounce Racist Trump for Rally at Site of Tulsa Massacre on Juneteenth

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/11/feels-desecration-critics-denounce-racist-trump-rally-site-tulsa-massacre-juneteenth


If this is where Drumpf delivers the speech written by S. Miller, then you KNOW it’s to embolden his base at the expense of BLM. PERIOD.

What’s really troubling is the possibility he’s going to try to get his own Brown Shirts to restore “Law and Order” since the military seems hesitant at this same rally.


Tulsa Oklahoma… Black Wall Street Of 1921


From Minnesota, to Palestine and now to the Dalits of India the call for ending systemic racism:

India’s Dalits to end discrimination

Dalit campaigners support Black Lives Matter protests and hope it ignites a similar conversation in India.


Less we forget: Trump’s grandfather was a Nazi, his father a KKK man.


Trump needs to get a message that WE are in charge and he needs to accept the will of the good people.
First it’s a brown shirt, then it is a brown shirt with an arm band, then it is a brown shirt with an arm band and a gun. We have seen this before and it didn’t turn out well.
We rejected George Wallace’s racism once already. Do we really have to do it all over again?


I would be great to see an outpouring of folks taking over all the area airports so the Fucking Fascist Furor could not land. And take over the DC airports so he could not even take off, so he could go cower back in his bunker. Trump is clearly pure evil along with ALL of his followers. If they are not stopped now there is no future for the USA. They are all hoping and praying for another civil war and they are willing to start one to appease their sociopathic conbaby god. They are all still angry that they lost the last one and won’t let it go. If I had a magic wand I would use it to turn all the white racists black for the rest of their lives for starters.


Yep. And then some more. Repeat. They don’t learn and are proud not to do so.


Perhaps some day the people of color will have a large enough majority to press for racial recognition.
But do we have to repeat S. Africa from beginning till today?

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What this illustrates is an old principle, but one still in effect. The Repugs aren’t all that imaginative, but they have an infinite number of variations on a few themes. This is essentially a replay of Ronnie Raygun’s campaign kick-off in Philadelphia, Mississippi. It’s highly derivative, but still effective. Getting the message out without saying it literally has been a proven technique ever since Lee Atwater said there are some things that hurt the Repugs if they’re said out loud, and later linked “tough on crime” with black faces with the Willie Horton ads.

This sort of thing happens so frequently that it seems to me important not just to recognize them, but to anticipate them. What if someone had anticipated something like this, and the moment the site announcement had been made, had organized, say, a reenactment of the Tulsa Massacre next to the rally site. Which event would get the cameras and the eyeballs?


…"“Look, President Trump is – the African American community is very near and dear to his heart.” She’s right, he dearly despises them in every heartfelt way; unless they are “in their place” like his former Black Chauffer and body guard, an ex-cop.

Another day and the Orange apocalypse exceeds all the worst expectations.

Oh well maybe they will all get infected including him.


More of today’s news. Trump rallies suggest, or require, not sure which, for those attending to sign a covid-19 waiver because they might get the disease.
Also, protect and serve has been adulterated to mean search and destroy. Ask Breanna Taylor.


“We rejected George Wallace’s racism once already.”

On that note I have good news from here in the deep south. In Mobile, AL., the people have overwhelmingly called for renaming the “Wallace Tunnel”, the I-10 route under the Mobile river. Not a huge deal, but never thought I’d see the people want it changed in my lifetime.


In reference to Sam Sacks tweet in the story, about Raygun starting his campaign in Philadelphia, MS. Raygun’s action was more of a racist dog whistle than Mr. Sacks probably knows. Yes northwest of Philadelphia, Ms. is known for the 3 civil rights workers deaths in the 1960’s, but it was worse than that. His first campaign speech was at the Neshoba County Fair, most likely, the most racist county fair in the country.


Someone on Alternet said that rally would be the perfect time for a sniper to “deal with ‘it’!”

Raygun had another rally on the 40th Anniversary of VE Day when he gave a thumbs up to the Aryan Nations in a speech at Bitburg cemetery in Germany, where dozens of Nazi Waffen SS men are buried. The GOP sure do know how to get the folks stirred up…


So much more than a “dog whistle” , this is a clarion call for white supremacists,
I’ m afraid.


Some say the democrats are not going to defund the police especially the older more insecure ones. The NYC and LA police budgets blew my mind at nearly 20 billion dollars. A nation that defunds education, drugs use, mental illness, poverty, healthcare, housing the homeless and creation of sustainable jobs is doomed to eventually face a revolution. Obama and the Chicago mayor Ram Emanuel together fired hundreds of thousands of public school teachers in LA and Chicago areas. Young people don’t have real options after graduating from high school other than flipping burgers or working at walmart earning a minimum wage. Industrial jobs have been offshored since Reaganomics and corporations and the wealthy don’t pay taxes. However the police and military budgets somehow continue to ballon year after year. Lawsuits against police are passed onto the taxpayers in the form of higher fees, bonds and tax increases so the police do not have to worry losing their ransom money for services rendered. They serve the oil, gas and coal companies byt terrorising the folk that happen to live on the land being undermined or have to breath dirty air, drink dirty water, have their animals and plants die along with themselves. Only so the gas, the oil and the coal can be extracted.


First: Once this cycle begins, it runs along for five years.
Two: If democrats were not so poorly educated and lazy - they would be hard at work right now making sure our young people register to vote and do vote.
Three: On TV, a georgia leader said their mail in ballot had the return envelope sealed and they could not open it using steam. Well, I would have slit the envelope, placed the ballot inside and taped the flap. Then, delivered in person to the county election board to obtain another envelope. Right in front of them, open the taped oned and move the balot to the new envelope and seal it. Hope the glue is juicy fruit flavored.

I dont think he ever heard of this holiday or event. Like he ever read a book. C’mon guys he i snt the devil or omnipresent he is a bumbling fool stop letting him get to you. Even if he wins again so what? The empire is in decline regardless

just another trumpet call out to the fascist , racists, and domestic terrorists–the situation is dire so a dog whistle won’t cut it

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Yes, we do. But this time WE ARE in charge if we’re up to the challenge.

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