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Feinstein Hosts Industry Fundraiser Days After Dissing Single Payer


Feinstein Hosts Industry Fundraiser Days After Dissing Single Payer

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

To the dismay of her constituents, Sen. Dianne Feinstein's (D-Calif.) refuses to get behind a Medicare-for-All healthcare system. And it just so happens that she has accepted massive contributions from healthcare lobbyists also opposed to such a program, a deep dive into her campaign financing has revealed.


Bernie. Keith. These Feinstein corporatists MUST GO! Or no Dem comeback, EVER!


Amazing that she would think that Canada’s single-payer healthcare system - called Medicare - represents a complete takeover by their government. Canada’s doctors are private; their hospitals are private; and people are allowed to go to doctors of their choice. They can’t buy insurance to cover what their Medicare system covers but they can go to a doctor at their own expense. Tommy Douglass, who started their single payer system in the 1920s, was voted a few years ago as the “greatest Canadian of all time”.

I expect wealthy politicians and certainly older ones (she’s over 80) to do what is right rather than taking establishment positions so that they can stay in power.


Diane is 83 years old and as a long standing corporate democrat, her day is rapidly coming to an end. It is time she moved on and let those for whom the future belongs to … govern.


I don’t understand how she gets elected and reelected being a pro AIPAC Zionist corporatist, war monger 1% elite (she insisted on the US invasion and destruction of Iraq in 2003). What is wrong with the stupid Californians who vote for her?


Well, one thing, the Rethugricans can always be counted on to run someone worse.


This article contributes to confusion around the health insurance issue.

Medicare for all is completely about insurance. People need to keep focused on the difference between insurance and actual health care.

This statement omits insurance and is deceptive — Diane Feinstein is pocketing "… thousands from industry groups historically and vocally opposed to a government-run, universal healthcare system—at the same time that a popular push for such a program has never been stronger.

Diane Feinstein opposes universal public medical insurance. She is a bad person purposefully confusing the issue by referring to the medicare insurance program as government run universal health care.

This article also confuses the difference between direct medical care by medical practitioners and medical insurance by medicare. Medicare for all pays your private freely chosen medical doctor or hospital.


Diane Feindstein seems to have no problem with the US MIlitary being totally single payer. As far as not being there for single payer, then perhaps she shouldn’t be in the US Senate either! She’s nothing more than another Clintonista, who dresses as if she’s going to a funeral!


And her third husband is a doctor (retired cardiologist) who probably loathed having to treat patients using Medicaid or Medicare for payment…and what he charged for visits would require the patients to be very wealthy and/or have a gold-plated insurance policy. With her heart problems were she to have to depend on Medicare, she would be dead or considering suicide as a result of facing financial ruin from mounting medical bills. She has been raised in wealth and privilege her entire life and knows nothing of what it feels like to live on the edge financially or to make choices about whether to pay the rent or feed the children.



Her constituents have been busy searching for a progressive person to take on this dragon lady in 2018. She has never represented the 99%. In fact when she was mayor of the city of San Francisco only because our beloved mayor George Moscone was murdered by a right wing fanatic supervisor who later killed himself, she actually tried to get rid of our pay equity. I have never forgotten that and have never trusted her since then. No one who considers themselves a progressive person should either. I call upon my California comrades to work hard to come up with a superior candidate and work to get her/him elected next year.


You know what you need to do, California. Away with the establishment democrats giving speeches from the warm and cozy confines of their corporate masters’ pockets. Zero tolerance for corporate stooges from here on out.


Feinstein said, " I’m not there ". Translated for easier understanding: " On killing people in the MENA, TIA and Medicare-for-All or Single Payer; " I’m not all there ".:wink:


What about Stephen Jaffe? https://secure.actblue.com/contribute/page/jaffe4congress

Oops he for replacing Nancy Pelosi

What about Michael Eisen for Senate?



Perhaps it would help to demystify what is actually meant by “neo-liberal”: (neo, meaning ‘new’) a word used to confuse as in mendacity, used to dupe people when they really mean conservative or pseudo-liberal as in wolf in sheep’s clothing. Adios, Feinstein! It will be worth donating to a serious campaign to kick her out (I am not a democrat). Will see what the Justice Democrats have to say about her.


and nominate someone to replace her here:

Also, you might try to replace her and her party (a very good choice)


During the 2007-2010 timeframe Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid serially told us “I don’t have the votes” whenever a progressive issue (including crafting the ACA) came up for a Senate vote. One of the votes he didn’t have was Feinstein’s.


Imagine my shock…


Gee, what a surprise! :scream:


Feinstein is a grotesquely contemptible dinosaur.


A crazy proposal: follow the lead of the Tea Party who defeated lots of representatives who weren’t deemed ‘pure’ enough on a conservative scale, and replaced them with someone who was.

And if Di-Fi is replaced with a Republican, let’s find a liberal to run next time.

As for the ensuing bellyaching from the pragmatic incrementalists who control the D-party: we tried your way, it’s been a failure wrought by subservience to corporate interests like Big Pharma. Screw that.


> “I don’t understand how she gets elected and reelected…”

From ‘formerly’ in reply to your post:

“Well, one thing, the Rethugricans can always be counted on to run someone worse.”

There’s your answer. No matter how Republican your Democrat is, they are always the lesser evil. Now you have both fighting against your interests and you can’t understand why you keep losing?