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Feinstein Hosts Industry Fundraiser Days After Dissing Single Payer


[quote=“formerly, post:6, topic:41356”]
timebr:  What is wrong with the stupid Californians who vote for her?

formerly:  Well, one thing: the Rethugricans can always be counted on to run someone worse.[/quote]
I’ll cop to opposing the Repooplican in the General if necessary, but sure hope there’s a Progressive to bump her off in the Primary!


[quote=“Garrett_Connelly, post:13, topic:41356”]
What about Michael Eisen for Senate?”[/quote]
The article on Eisen that you linked to in Nature is quite interesting, but incomplete:
Where does he stand on the root cause of nearly all of humanity’s current ecological & economic problems — GROSS Overpopulation, both here and worldwide?


Like many headless chickens, Sen. Feinstein confuses single-payer healthcare, modeled after Medicare, with socialized medicine, in which the government owns health care institutions and employs providers. She is not that dumb. She is doing this deliberately, in order to bolster the insurance industry that is making unconscionable profits from Americans’ medical problems and is the true “death panel”, making life-or-death decisions based on purely financial considerations. She should hang her head in shame.


How much does it cost to buy a Senate Democrats vote?

Ask Feinstein.


Your statement is interesting. Is the U.S. Military really “single payer”? During the four years that I was in (‘68 - ‘72), I never paid a dime, not even for dental. There was no deductible, no co-pay, no anything. Is single payer really the same as that? I know that Bernie’s “Medicare for All” is not; and, I am under the impression that Conyers’ HR 676 has deductibles and co-pays, doesn’t it? And, neither Sanders’ nor Conyers’ includes dental, do they?


I still can’t believe anyone would vote for this money worshiper Zionist war monger who lobbies for Natanyahu. She vigorously urged the senators to vote for war on Iraq. She is a heartless war criminal like Henry Kissinger and Madeleine Albright.


Paraphrasing an old saying “it’s tough to get a person to see the truth when their livelihood depends on them not doing so,” it’s obvious who butters her bread. She’s in too deep with the present health care industry to see things any different. The people want universal health care–even the Clueless Ones have caught on that socialized medicine is a good thing (provided you call it something else). It is all the more galling of her when taking into account that she represents California, the state that has taken the lead in advancing the cause of universal health care. If you can’t “get there,” Senator Feinstein, then–with what little respect you deserve–you need to go! Why don’t you take your neoliberal economic policies into retirement with you and free us to have the progressive representation we want and need?


And Feinstein’s reply to you?: Chunique: With your health care now on the table, you should understand that now is the perfect time for me to build up my campaign coffer, that I can take with me when I retire, to have some fun with. So, I think I will stay just a bit longer, thank you.


Senator Feinstein has seen better days. She is old and has old ideas. Maybe she has been bought and sold by Yankee dollars, by the healthcare industry, and maybe not. It really doesn’t matter because she is ideologically constipated, a problem that many old people have. She needs a strong informational enema to clear her out and help her think straight. A good dose of facts will cure her problem quickly.


Despicable woman. A tool of the insurance scam industry. This woman like her comrade HRC work against the wishes of the people. Lies and obfuscations are her stock in trade. The zionist press keeps nonentities like her in office to do their bidding.


Why not shave her head and label her a collaborator. For those that should serve the will and well being of their constituents but instead worship at the altar of corporate money.


The word at the time was that she wasn’t going to run again last cycle, until she did.


You mean she divorced the arms industry titan? I did not know that, to paraphrase Johnny Carson.


This woman has been a disgrace to herself and everyone else in her state for over two decades.

If she won’t (finally) retire, then Californians will have to stand up and boot out anyone who’s supporting her, even if that means in the short term, losing some seats.


Here’s what Feinstein is; A centrist from the San Francisco Board Of Supervisors who took over when mayor Moscone was assassinated in 1978… She did “O.K.” as mayor, was re-elected and oversaw the “Manhattinization” of San Francisco in the 1980’s. Her husband is Richard Blum, mega-real estate guy.
As Senator, she has done some great work for the state. Lots of new federally protected land was established in the Mojave Desert. A new national preserve. Generally, she can be O.K. But not on defense, she’s a total hawk. And it’s clear on healthcare she is despicable. I’m a native Californian who has watched her since her time as mayor. Yes, she is really done. We will replace her with a better model.


Seems good old Feinstein is suffering from the same hubris that affects Hillary. Absolutely no clue what is happening around her, stuck in her old paradigms. Honestly. There should be an age limit for office and definitely term limits. You get one shot at it.


Beyond taking the establishment position, Diane Feinstein has demonstrated that she has
descended into corruption, profits over people. Pity that. For shame, Diane Feinstein.


“I am not there.”

Who cares what you think? You were elected by constituents to represent their will, not your own.


Bernie teaming top with Jill is the way. Both the Berners and Greens form a coalition, keeping the historic duopoly party structure intact, (with a wall street-style hostile take-over of the corporatists DNC toadies - giving them a taste of their own medicine!)

WE HAVE BIGGER FISH TO FRY! Like saving our efin arses from extinction and the current bankster fascism, one hitler, mussolini and stalin are: enough is enough. Then and only then, will we have " JUSTICE" anything, let alone another party, that only takes our eyes off the prize - NO MORE CORPORATISTS, period! A Progressive (meaning “all in, no one out”") agenda must be defined in our Indy media, again and again, and again, and … as NO ONE OUT - Everybody IN! NO ONE OUT - Everybody IN! NO ONE OUT - Everybody IN! And Bernie and Jill gotta get the darn message. Time is a wastin’!


When will the Democratic party realize that they have their share of corrupt leaders at the highest level? If double speak has a face we have found it. Take a selfy. Why is the big “O” talking at a thousand dollars a verb?