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Feinstein Releases Complete Transcript of Intel Committee's Interview with Firm Behind


Feinstein Releases Complete Transcript of Intel Committee's Interview with Firm Behind

Jon Queally, staff writer

California Democratic says "only way to set the record straight is to make the transcript public"


I wonder if she was inspired by Rachel Maddow’s reminding us last night of Bob? Gravel’s first reading of the Pentagon Papers.


This is the side of nothing fries to go with what so far is a nothingburger.

Someone paid Fusion GPS millions for this “report?” Talk about getting suckered, Damn.


Anyone still think that Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) are not little Trump toadies?


I’m still reading to see why Grassley tried to keep the transcript (not the report) under wraps. Have you read it, or are you just assuming?


I read the revelations highlighted in the article above. Whoopee.


Mike Gravel.




After Kucinich dropped out in his last run for the Dem nomination in 2008, i caucused for Gravel as the only voice of reason left in that race. He had no chance of course.


This is a win for transparency in government if nothing else.


So what are these two numb-nuts expecting – that the Brits, whom Tweetle-Dumb has repeatedly insulted to the point that our alliance with them is on shaky ground – are going to extradite Steele to the U.S. for a trial?
That’s about as likely as chicken-shit O’Bummer extraditing Cheney, Prince, Rove & Yoo to the U.N. for trial
as War Criminals.

IMHO, “grand-standing” – NOT “transparency” – would be a more appropriate choice of terms. Totally embed­ded in the neoliberal Establishment, Feinstein is about as trustworthy a politician as Krooked Hilliary (HRS) or Dirty Debbie Duhbya-Ass (DWS).

But . . .  but . . .  How can that be?  Tweetle-Dumb is “The Great Negotiator” and “A Genius.”  Surely he hasn’t had to engage with the Russkies in any money-laundering schemes in order to recover from his bankruptcies and payouts to lawsuits from his many victims of sexual assault, fraudulent “universities”, etc, etc.


You, like our POTUS, sure like burgers and fries. What other habits/tastes do you share with Herr Trump? Ketchup on your steaks sounds par for the course, possibly? Deflections on both
your numerous pronouncements would fit the m.o., as well?
The POTUS is a Big Mac aficionado but I bet you lean to The Whopper. Please elaborate on why it’s The Whopper that really floats your boat?


These excerpts from a softball ‘interview’ are NOT the same thing as the Dossier itself, but IMHO they do lend a modicum of credibility to the contents of the latter.


What bombshell are we getting here? The country clubs don’t make money? Well holy shizzle.

Next thing you know, we’ll learn that Trump University was a scam. And just out of curiosity, what good did the $9 million dossier actually do for the Hillary campaign? Cuz, if anything, it sunk her credibility even lower.


IIRC, it was the spineless “Never Trump” RePooplicans who first hired Fusion GPS to get dirt on Tweetle-Dumb. Once he steam-rollered “low-energy Jeb”, “Lyin’ Ted” and the other suckers then the Poops had no more use for the Dossier, so somehow it got marketed to “Krooked Hilliary’s” crowd.  The Poops are doing moderately well at getting Tweetle-Dumb to do their bidding – at least to appoint as many of their theocratic scum as possible to positions of influence – so for the time being they’re defending their useful stooge from
its supposed documentation of his corruption as best they can.


Frankly, I’m rather impressed by:

  • Trump’s ability to hold sway over the Rs. Flake and Corker are running home to mama, people like Mitch McC and Lindsey graham are carrying his water, and now Bannon just took an ass whooping. Hell, he was within shouting range of getting a child molester elected…well, then again, it was in Alabama.

  • The Republicans’ ability to hold their caucus together. Outside of failing to replace Obamacare, which was a farce effort to begin with, they’ve approved Trump-appointed judges left and right, borrowed $1.5 trillion to ram a tax cut through without a hardly a peep from deficit hawks, and increased the military budget…well, then again, the Dems voted for that too, so…

As for that Dossier, Jeebus: If it had anything momentous in it, we’d know by now. Clearly, it doesn’t.


Wow I haven’t thought about Mike Gravel since he ran for President!


All I can say is that Grassley is a fucking, arrogant, corrupt dick!


And to Dear Uncle:

The point of this topic is that we all now get to read the story of the dossier for ourselves. I’m still less than a hundred pages in, but I know that Fusion GPS is assertively nonpartisan and refuses to start from findings. They’re an investigative consulting firm and go where the evidence leads them. Read the transcript and speak from some kind of knowledge.


The dossier should be weighted against the efforts of Bill Browder, he of the famous Magintsky (sp) Act ( not formal law title ).
Browder’s story and fevered passion for his beloved friend may end up stinking like a dead red herring. There’s covers galore surrounding this backstory that aren’t on the up and up. Dating back to Yeltsin and Bill Clinton. The looting of public assets, etc.
To say Putin holds a grudge against the Clintonistas, is to say coal appears black when looking into a deep mine shaft. Obama had a right to be cautious about " Buffalo Bill " and his wife’s motives, but his choice for SoS in 2009 was poorly vetted, in hindsight. It bit him in the arse quite a few times.
" The light at the end of the tunnel points the way to another tunnel, in our good 'ol Washington swamp. "