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Female Leaders Warn Against Global Rise of Autocratic 'Strongmen' and Attack on Women's Rights

Female Leaders Warn Against Global Rise of Autocratic 'Strongmen' and Attack on Women's Rights

Julia Conley, staff writer

Troubled by the rise of a number of autocratic, nationalist male politicians who have convinced voters that they aim to return their nations to a glorified past, more than two dozen female world leaders signed an open letter Thursday, calling for a global fight against what one signer calls "macho-type strongmen" and their so-called "populist" movements.

"Vote Women!"

Men have have the last 200 years to govern, and look at the fucking mess they’ve made of it.


HI PonyBoy: but be careful—Margaret Thatcher, Theresa May, Madelyn Albright and the Hillary-----sigh-- still don’t seem to realize that the ovary is just as important as the penis. : )


Point taken Stardust.

New Don Caron.


that was wonderful and horrific at the same time----kind of like America.

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Just like America.


A huge amount of the rise of proto- and actual fascism across the world is a
reaction to genuine progressive and democracy-elevating victories. Eg: What
is often called toxic-masculinity in the U.S. is an inevitable result of reaction
against feminism, racial equality, struggles for workers’ rights and equality,
the constant struggle against inequity in our overweening male-dominated
hierarchies. A major culprit in this ugly counter-revolution, as it were, was the
deliberate creation of The Southern Strategy by Republican Party policy makers,
along with the flabby, silent complicity of an increasingly tone-deaf Democratic
Party (eg: see the wiki entry at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Southern_strategy).
The SS monster has become a powerful mindset with a life of its own.


But be careful what women you vote for –
Not all men are honest men – not all women are honest women …
and the right wing seems to find them all!

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Don’t forget the phony Drug War and Gun-Running (which btw Trump is trying to
increase “abroad”) which has long been used to create violence and chaos in
societies that the US/CIA imperialists are trying to destabilize – including in US
and it’s been going on here since the 1970’s. Simple way to overturn democracy.

The most important thing about legalizing marijuana in all of our states is to
dismantle the fake Drug War which is about covering up CIA trafficking in drugs
and money laundering for black projects.

PS: Why do I have this slice of cake by my name?


Well, the Enlightenment was helpful, but they also waged war on that.

We have Elite-Patriarchy here because Our Founders created it rather than a democracy.
And empowered in in every way they could – land grants, control over government, and
privatized it all for benefit of Elties.

Patriarchy is a system of control just as Colonialism was.
Organized porn industry is part of it of course.
Males organized in media holding control - and Hollywood – with women and blacks
without enough work. Every story a male story – HIS-STORY.

We can’t deny that there is actually active program for traumatizing children –
and sexual abuse is a huge part of it.

Patriarchy is anti-feminism. And Elite-Patriarchy is underpinned by “Christianity” …
male supremacist religion which is the “say so” for male superiority … cause Elite males
couldn’t declare themselves “superior” they had to create a “god” to do it for them.
“Christianity” also gave them the licenses to exploit Nature – direct from “god” –
Recall Manifest Destiny and Man’s Dominion Over Nature BS.

Notice that in the “White Male Supremacist” world everyone that they have tried to
enslave or kill was smarter and better than they were. Still true today.

Pretty sure “Southern Strategy” was another lie by Nixon/GOP – what they really
had was hack-able electronic voting machines which immediately began delivering
very odd and unbelievable right wing victories.
See: Votescam - The stealing of America/YouTube

Don’t think Dem Party was “tone deaf” – think they’ve been colluding with GOP
caused both parties are owned by same wealthy and corporations.

In response to the article …

Trump certainly is a warning – especially in regard to Roe –
The intent to overturn birth control and abortion is for the benefit of Elites-Patriarchy
whose profits are being harmed by it.

Evangelicals have nothing to do with it – Elites are the backbone of the GOP …
not Evangelicals who didn’t support theory that life begins at conception …
NOR did they support GOP efforts to deny women access to therapeutic abortions
when their lives, health, or future fertility was threatened.

Everyone see the story of young girl – incest victim – denied an abortion?

And don’t forget Indira Gandhi, Golda Meier, and Ahn Sang Su Ky. The most important thing you said was about collaboration between the genders rather than one over the other. This collaboration does not favor one geder over the other, it, rather, acknowledges the contribution to be made by both genders (making whatever the outcome is the result of stupidity–a quality shared eqally by all people regardless their gender–rather than their dominant hormones)


Hello stardustBID, They were and will remain men just born into the wrong body shape! Just like the RINO’s and DINO’s the women are WINO’s who are Women In Name Only!!!

I had it for a while. It unnerved me until I finally found that you are being celebrated for your time on CD. It is your anniversary!

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True about the honesty issue, however, women, in my opinion, seem less inclined to start unnecessary aggression leading to young soldiers deaths.

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This is the date you signed up on Common Dreams, March 1st, 2015.

This is on your profile Greenwich.

Do you know how to access your profile?

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I dearly hope you are right!


Duh … finally got it –

Though I was here a long time, left and then returned …

You’ve been here a long time, l’m sure –

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Hmm, autocrat strongmen. If women feel that insecure, there is an opportunity for someone to form a “Pinkerton” like security unit. It could be partly employed by ex-military and ex-police women, and with clean resumes’.

Can’t wait for my slice of cake. Happy anniversary Greenwich.

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Not as long as you Greenwich.