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Fending Off Critiques of Failed Leadership, Twitterer-in-Chief Lashes Out


Fending Off Critiques of Failed Leadership, Twitterer-in-Chief Lashes Out

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

U.S. President Donald Trump on Thursday once again lashed out on his critics, attacking both Sens. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) and John McCain (R-Ariz.) in an early morning Twitter rant for highlighting concerns about his assault on the judiciary as well as the recent botched raid in Yemen.


Its easy to not be captured by the enemy during war. All you have to do is not fight on the the frontline or otherwise ever actually engage the enemy. Since rump has never served the nation, he wouldn't know obvious things like that. So, rump likes soldiers who don't engage the enemy huh? Sounds like a tax scam to benefit the military/industrial complex to me.


Trump deserves zero respect as President.


Trump deserves zero respect as an organism. He is a worthless bag of foetid protoplasm.


All presidents have to go through a learning curve after taking office and that means they will be making mistakes as they learn on the job. Apparently Trump the delusional one thinks this doesn't apply to him even though unlike almost all previous presidents he has had not experience in government. I think he does suffer from grandiose delusions about himself. He is so out of reality that apparently he can't accept legitimate criticism. In psychological terms this is a very sick man. I see no hope for him as a president. Unless he is impeached, and there are already several things he could be impeached for, we are clearly heading for some sort of disaster.


The only people who are more delusional than Trump are the people who voted for him AND continue to support him.

Trump does deserve to be brought to justice, given a fair trial and free acomodation in one of the empty cells at Guantanamo.

Recall Trump's eulogy for John Glenn that criticized him for "not landing on the moon"....failing to mention that the technology and know how to do so was several years out when Glenn completed his historic mission.


This worthless piece of alien excrement has GOT to be removed in whatever way is most expedient (see Keith Olbermann's program GQ for how to do it)!


Perhaps they could give Trump a tour of Guantanamo, accidentally lock him in a cell and not be able to find the key ?


Couldn't the twit-in-chief just have a permanently debilitating stroke and put us out of his misery?:thinking::head_bandage:🤢


Damn, his behavior is getting worse quickly. I was hoping he was going not has sh*t fits until several months from now. The tweeting shows our enemies the weakness of mental instability. He might just have anger management issues, but they are bad no matter what it is. Someone is going to take advantage of this and Trump will punish us for being naive.


Look at that picture of DT above! If I did not know who he was, I would think this a person that just escaped from a mental institution! Trump looks like some kind of an insane, madman that just came out of a nightmare! I still cannot believe he is president ( not my president!) and this is all just a bad dream.


Blumenthal is being used to soften the hard right edges of Gorsuch. He's fishing for 60 votes and that's all. Deal-making with devil.
Blumenthal is a DLCer and not to be trusted. If Gorsuch is confirmed the Democratic Party should go the way of the Whigs.


" We are clearly heading for some sort of disaster".

Yes, I don't fear the so-called terrorists, but this guy is the terrorist that scares the hell out of me and should scare the hell out of everyone. We need to get rid of him before he ends up killing us all! The fact that this mentally, incompetent, impetuous, angry, fascist has his hands on the nuclear trigger is the reason Trump has to go before it is too late.


I think I will send him some boo hoo Kleenex


I have been wondering when his " foot thing ( I don't remember which one ) " would end up in his mouth


The big idea of the capitalist system is that those with the most complete and total products, together with effective marketing to the general public, are supposed to rise to the top of the heap. Bullshit seems to be the only relevant example where this works. The President clearly has the most complete and total bullshit available - with effective marketing to the general public, he has risen to the top of the heap.



I was trying to think of a song that best describes our twitterer-in-chief. The only thing I could come up with is a very old song called: Rockin Robin.

He sits in the White House all day long sending out his twitter bombs. Tweet, tweet. Rotten Donald!


Donald Take-a-Dump on America doesn't have that much intelligence.


Ray, Belittling those who supported Trump will not accomplish anything now. You may as well belittle every single voter who has voted Democrat or Republican for the last 30 plus years. They all supported Death and Human Suffering whether they admit it or not. These two parties can never be trusted with the control of our highest offices again. Not the Congress, not the Presidency.

Let's concern ourselves with neutering Donald Take-a-Dump on America, until which time as we can elect a group of politicians that put People, Planet, and Peace over Profit. There is no future in supporting Death and Human Suffering.


Brilliant takedowns, and at the end some interesting advice!

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