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Ferguson and Beyond: How A New Civil Rights Movement Began – And Won't End


Ferguson and Beyond: How A New Civil Rights Movement Began – And Won't End

DeRay McKesson

Mike Brown should be alive today. He should be home from his first year at college, visiting friends and enjoying summer as he prepares to return to campus.


Vandana Shiva relays the story of the world’s (mostly women) peasant farmers who work a model of soil restoration that the corporate elites–under the aegis of Monsanto–do not want known.

Natural healers and dieticians recognize that our bodies become strong through sound nutrition. The medical model that is itself an outgrowth of the war-model and seeks to fight conditions that haven’t even erupted (and may never show up) is the current vaccine overload protocol that is ruining the central nervous systems of THOUSANDS if not millions of children.

Women like Medea Benjamin, Amy Goodman, Kathy Kelly and others speak a narrative that is based on cooperation and understanding among the world’s peoples, rather than beefing up nuclear weapons and other bombs in pursuit of all this “defense” that causes the very horrors it purports to protect against.

My point is that for centuries, the old bubba club consisting of empowered white males has sought to control the narrative along with any collective sense of The Possible. By keeping the voices of Black Lives, women, Indigenous leaders, and so many other voiceless persons away from the spotlight it could continue on in its Dominator Behaviors.

Due to its insecurity, this Old Guard is doubling-down since everywhere around this planet, groups are rebelling against, questioning, protesting, opposing, and disenfranchising themselves from the old model that mostly trafficked in spreading war, poverty, Depression, Cancers, resource depletion, and now… potential climate catastrophes of unprecedented magnitudes.


He was introduced to the crowd at The University of Washington by his new Press Secretary Symone D Sanders, an African American: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXbmwqCMRAY


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