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Ferguson City Manager, Central Figure in Racist Court System, Resigns


Ferguson City Manager, Central Figure in Racist Court System, Resigns

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Ferguson, Missouri city manager John Shaw, who was named in the U.S. Justice Department's report last week as a key player in creating a racist and unconstitutional policing and municipal court system, resigned Tuesday night.


With a super-majority of the population (67%), the African-American community of Ferguson has it within their power to clean the political house of the town. Elections are next month. I haven’t heard a thing about a massive GOTV effort to elect a reform slate of black replacement office holders. What have they been doing there politically for the past 8 months? They should own that town and every elected office in it, instead of calling for those hated officials to resign. They need to take over and kick them out. This is the sort of thing that pisses me off. Where are Sharpton, Jackson, etc. when it comes to the daily, unglamorous grunt work of running local politics? They show up for the TV “face time”, but then do nothing to help organize real change on the ground.


Hey, let’s not forget Caesar, Governor Nixon who illegally suspended the US Constitution on a hunch, preventing anyone from protesting, even though no violence had occurred. This low-level manager John Shaw is just the fall guy for a crooked system of government that goes all the way to the top. Coast-to-Coast squad cars harass citizens on trumped up charges that the one percent never has to deal with with their Super-Citizen status like the gun-weilding Floridian Zimmerman. The worst is the money-generating CHP and LAPD Rampart, caught falsely charging innocent motorists and homeowners with serious felonies.

There is now a Militarized Culture of Urban Combat in the USA against common citizens just trying to live their lives under the gun.

I’m glad I left.


Is systemic racism a crime?


“But now it’s like, what’s next?”: O.K. Melissa I’ll take a crack at it. Organize beyond protest to revolutionize the entire system of exploitation and corruption. In areas where there is no response to such calls start a rolling, total non cooperation in the manner of Mahatma Gandhi. Solidarity!


It is easy to blame the victims, to stay that poor people need to vote and to progressives elected. That remains a hard sell in this sorry place we call the USA. Yes they should organize, and they should build a useful community. However, it must be remembered that these Missouri folks are living in what was most likely the largest city in the world, perhaps five million people. These “natives” obviously had the food/clothing/health care/security thing figures out. However, they did not have the public health taken care of, and when the European diseases hit, almost every died. Like 95% of the population. It is quite impossible for any group of citizens to succeed in the establishment of a useful economic system (where everyone benefits) unless there are mechanisms in place to allow that to happen. What is missing here is a State Government that functions, and indeed a Federal system ins place that regulates and protects. So many examples illustrate the situation. Think of the labor movement in the south, and the time (around 1870) when the poor blacks and the poor whites came together to organize. A very powerful movement arose, which resulted in the breakout of the Klan in which poor whites were “encouraged” (ordered ?) to go and kill and destroy the efforts of the Black community. Think of the race riots in St. Louis where poor whites pillaged and murdered the successful, prosperous black villages. There needs to be a GOTV effort certainly. But there also needs to be a new set of rules that encourages a new economic order. What does that look like? Pretty obvious, The doctor gets paid in chickens, and the maid works for room and board. You got the picture. The electricity comes from the sun. The fuel is derived from agricultural waste. Food is grown locally. People live in communes which are self governed. And, sadly, probably one of the worse outcomes of a place like Furguson is the immigration of the smart kids. Any society will sag in a system where the smart kids leave and the dumb ones remain. It is indeed great to have kids go to college. Wow. But a poor village needs most the strength, creativity and dedication of outstanding young people. How do you keep them there? Just think about the Catholic church and its long history of “hiring” the best kids as priests and nuns. Even today, kids are willing to commit to making a difference. Maybe the city government should be limited to employees under 30. And, certainly, the ethnicity of the government needs to replicate that of the governed.


So, if the majority of the black majority are disenfranchised from being able to vote, can or will a difference be voted in? Targeted convictions can do that to a population.