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Ferguson, One Year Later: 'Justice Is No More Death'


Ferguson, One Year Later: 'Justice Is No More Death'

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

One year after a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri shot dead unarmed black 18-year-old Michael Brown, the residents who protested his death—and, in doing so, swiftly ushered in a human rights movement that took on the banner Black Lives Matter—returned to the small St. Louis suburb to memorialize Brown, organize continued anti-racism actions, and attempt to heal.


The movement’s integrity is at stake, so say “brown lives matter”. Yes they’re getting shot too. Your job is to represent everyone, not to be petty.


So fascinating that the people of Ferguson, yes the people who actually vote there, are not sure how all this " publicity " is changing things on the ground in and around the St. Louis area. There are 92 municipalities, large and small, and some would collapse without issuing traffic citations, jail fines and a whole host of " court ordered " additional penalties for not being wealthy or even middle class. Having wherewithal matters in these instances and I know too well of which I speak. . Mike Brown’s Day and Black Lives Matter and all other mass movements suffer from a lack of " economic survival empowerment " on a daily or monthly basis. Being hit by an array of " trumped up " charges does that, trust me. But they are so furious and, rightly so, because this lack of economic power is enforced at the end of a barrel of a gun, often times. Without our courts offering anything like " equal protection under the law and due process " to all who come before it. But like an untreated cancer this condition is spreading rapidly through our entire " body politic ". Poor and uninformed whites, Native Americans and other minorities within this country are, too, under this " unequal " legal grinding wheel. In the end, though, each person must start with their fellow travelers, with the voter’s booth in their own neighborhood, municipality, city, county, congressional district, state and, finally, the federal system. Just as there are whites that don’t give " 2 sxits " about white lives mattering; there are blacks who don’t value other black’s lives. And, away it goes, to the degeneration and decline of all. It is sad that we are not reminded by our community and society, " that while not all given a balcony overlooking the plaza, all are entitled to enjoy it’s sunlight. " There is so much trouble in the world and much work still to be done. P.S. On this date 70 years ago we learned what we are all capable of under the false choice of a " us against them " mentality. It is time to come home, America, there is a lot of housecleaning to be done everywhere you look.


I understand they shut down Bernie’s rally yesterday.


Sanders made two appearances in Seattle yesterday.

At Westlake Mall, the mic was taken by a couple of young people who spoke about Black Lives Matter, gave a brief litany of white supremacist “facts on the ground” (starting with the fact that Seattle is built on stolen Duwamish land and hypocritically named after the Duwamish leader at the time of the theft), and demanded 4-1/2 minutes of silence for Michael Brown as a one-year commemoration of his murder in Ferguson MO.

Sanders did not give his planned talk after the disruption, but mixed with the crowd instead.

His second appearance at University of Washington was not disrupted.


Yes, I think since others have commented people make up their own minds, as for me, this is another injustice done to a man who does not have to make an apologia pro vita sua. And it is becoming curiouser and curiouser that it is only Bernie who is being targeted. The day he was scheduled to speak before thousands in Phoenix, he was attacked at NetRoots, the crowds and his speech were drowned out by the ensuing brouhaha. Yesterday, after this incident, Bernie spoke before 13,000 at the University of Washington, and no one is talking about it. Tonight 15,000 are expected in Portland. Will anyone know.


The facts are, Black USAns do not see white “progressives” - who are typically white hipsters and yuppies who are gentrifying their formerly affordable urban neighborhoods and sending rents through the roof to New York City levels - as their allies. I see this with a vengeance in my Pennsylvania Rust-Belt-but-soon to be the Portland-Oregon-of-the-Northeast city. This is the source of the black resentment of Bernie Sanders - and white “progressives” ignore it at their peril.


Well as long as you are speaking on behalf of Black USAns, what is the stance of Black America toward the Hillary Clinton campaign? Allies? Or black resentment?


People better believe, black lives matter, how about this black man:


What does Hillary Clinton have to do with all these white “progressives” moving into you neighborhood, immediately followed by rent of everything in the neighborhood that formerly rented for $450 a month shooting up to $1,800 a month along with often, lease-renewal terminations of all black people to make way for the white yuppies?

Do you not know what “gentrification” is?

My point is that rather than getting defensive and hostile toward the BLM movement, the white “progerssives” better start listening to what they have to say.

Hillary is not pretending to represent progressive politics, Sanders is - so of course BLM would work toward influencing him and Hillary, who is a lost cause.


My point is, you are “speaking for Black USAns” which is pretty funny.


I guess you are speaking for Black USAns then, right?

I speak for my own experiences with black USAns - specifically Green Party ballot petitioning in the gentrifying-transition neighborhoods of Pittsburgh like East Liberty. Getting them to sign the petition was often a hard sell. Rightly or wrongly black USAns are wary of (usually rich) white progressives like the Green Party - who often seem to serve as the thin edge of the wedge of hostile gentrification.

Rather than getting defensive, or more frequently and far worse, condescending, white progressives need to start listening and dealing with the racist structures in their own organizations.


Gentrification in Chicago chases everyone with limited income out, including myself, and that is the reason I no longer live in the city I love, Chicago. The yuppies I know in Chicago are Board of Traders, the LaSalle Street crowd, or the techies, a despicably conservative lot, social issues, excepted. The numbers of whites, blacks, and hispanics chased out of the area around Wrigley Field is in the tens of thousands. And it is only going to get worse now that the Ameritrade folk, the Ricketts family, now own the Chicago Cubs and are sinking about $400,000,000 in the area. The people chasing people out of the old neighborhoods in Chicago are not progressives, that won’t wash in Chicago. Rahm Emanuel DLC–yes.


i totally agree with your basic point about who should be listening to whom.