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'Few Things Matter More to Humans': UN Report Says We Must Protect and Restore Biodiversity of World's Soil

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/04/few-things-matter-more-humans-un-report-says-we-must-protect-and-restore


Start by destroying Bayer/Monsanto et al …


FYI, ~https://juniperpublishers.com/artoaj/pdf/ARTOAJ.MS.ID.555678.pdf


I would start by re-introducing practices that build and strengthen soil, identify the purpose of the soil and protect it from anthropogenic structural changes of accommodation. Let it do what it does best.


"Sustainable Development Goals"

“Development” is the problem in this sentence fragment and what is literraly eating our eco-systems and our very lives.

Time to develop a common dream around envisioning a human scaled society.


Don’t leave out ‘Goals’ here. As goals are the end product. The word that should be used is ‘objectives.’ As objectives can be measured.

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( The Ents’ Marching Song - Clamavi De Profundis )

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Again - it is the United Nations leading the way - speaking for all of us - and ‘doing’, thru their myriad departments and agencies.

If there is a jewel on Earth - it is the UN.

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Ahem…The first thing is a history of what you want to change, The goal is what you want to change. The objective is how you plan to do it. Data or record keeping to determine when the objective is complete, The last thing is follow up to determine maintenance of results.

My house is composting. More can do it. Recycling is happening. But with COVID, plastic and cardboard use has skyrocketed.
In addition to reducing waste, I’d like to see some efforts in clean up–like maybe taking plastic out of sea water?


How would you suggest doing that, removing plastic from sea water?

I read about a device that people were working on that could take plastic particles out of seawater. I didn’t follow and don’t remember where.
Of course, removing islands of sea and ocean waste would also be nice.

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Ok, that would require a lot of people to change how they do things.

I agree it would be a good idea to remove plastic from oceans and seas, and stop the steady flow of harmful pollutants.

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There is real world evidence of CO2 drop by crop change.
After Columbus the population of the Western Hemisphere declined by 90-98%. The abandoned gardens and fields went to weeds and the grazers proliferated without the apex predator. That abandoned agricultural land went to grasslands and forests depending on environment. Science News Oct. 13, 2011 “Columbus’ arrival linked to carbon dioxide drop”
Before the invasion of the plow the top soil of the Great Plains held more carbon than the Amazon with its thin and easily depleted top soil. The Netflix movie “Kiss the Ground” explores the causees and cures of the problem. The soil can hold 2-3 times the carbon as all the above ground plant matter and air together. Sounds impossible because it is out of sight under foot. By eating food produced regeneratively people can change the climate by voting with their forks. If a no till food movement gained sufficient strength then the market would change no matter what government does. Another heart warming film on Netflix is “The Biggest Little Farm”. I have watched it 3 times and will again. It shows what can be done even in drought ridden and fire ravaged CA.
If enough people switched to eating no till, regenerative produced food, global warming could be reversed next year and years on. An added bonus is that so much carbon could be sequestered in the soil that I could still drive my gas guzzler and not feel too guilty. (joke)


Putting them out of business is easier. Just do not eat anything that uses their products. Easily done as promoted in the movie “Kiss the Ground”. No till farming requires few if any chemicals and puts carbon back into the soil where it can hold water. Drink biodynamic wines. Those vineyards survived the wild fires best because of the extra water held in the soil.


Ahem indeed.

I get carried away at the mere thought of good soil.

VROC is a plan for fixing things; fixing Planet A. There are many plans, but most ignore obvious solutions. — from the deep woods of the Species’ Forest, Conway, Massachusetts, the only 501©(3) land trust in the US with an ethical vegan board of directors (Dick Stafursky, Brattleboro, Vermont)