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Few to No Anti-Bombing Voices as Trump Prepared to Escalate Syria War


Few to No Anti-Bombing Voices as Trump Prepared to Escalate Syria War

Adam Johnson

The curators of American public opinion at the three most influential broadsheets in the United States have decided that dissent from the build-up to new airstrikes on Syria is not really an opinion worth hearing.


As George Carlin used to say, “when you’re born in the world you get a ticket to the circus and when you’re born in America you get a front row seat.” No-one gets the program notes.


There is only “one” place in America that a bomb “needs” to be dropped.




The US oligarchs will never give peace a chance.


“…the possible opening up of a whole new theater of war.”

Say possibly, Paris and London? We’ll need a new Dickens (whom escapes incineration of course) to write The Talus of two Cities.



Just as a by the way and this has happened before. Even the US acknowledges That ISIS groups have positions near the areas they attacked. These groups were not targeted and in fact attempted on offensive against the Syrian army positions in conjunction with the US and allied attacks. The offensives failed but this again suggests advisors on the ground giving them tactical advice.


Apparently Johnson hasn’t been watching. These attacks are not an escalation of the Duopoly’s ongoing wars in the Mideast to protect apartheid Israel and control oil and shipping routes.

This was merely a public relations effort by the Tweeting Idiot of Orange to distract from his domestic political problems.

Fortunately, it was less brutal on the Syrians than any of Trump’s Democratic predecessors (and less dangerous than the Red Queen would have been).

Ironically, that’s because he has established relations with the Russians that are less hostile than the war-happy Dems.

None of which means I support the Idiot, his reign of idiocy, or the dictator Assad. But the long-and-short-of-it is that the out-of-control Big Whopper-addicted Idiot of Orange is being slightly less worse than his Duopoly associates.


I haven’t seen such anti-war silence since the Gulf War (1990).


Agreed. However, the Deep State wants war, and Trump has shown he is vulnerable to their machinations.


There are mass anti war demonstrations planned for April 14- 15th . I called commondreams 3 times to report this and have posted links quite a few times over the last 10 days. I told them to do a story on this and they did nothing but lip service.

Here is the link
End the Wars at Home and Abroad!
The time is now to return to the street to make our voices heard. Join us on April 14-15 One of the sponsors by the way is the green party.



Hell, most of the American public is okay with it. Most don.t really have a problem with our attacking another country, and they mostly accept whatever they are told by the Mainstream Media.

That is the most disturbing part of all! Americans mostly don’t care! Those of us who read and respond to articles on Common Dreams are strangers in a strange land, ever since 9/11.


I was surprised to see that Madeleine Albright came out against the attacks in the USA Today. Looking a little further, I was less surprised to find out I was mistaken.