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'Fiasco for Democracy' as Right-Wing Supreme Court Gives Green Light to Partisan Gerrymandering

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/27/fiasco-democracy-right-wing-supreme-court-gives-green-light-partisan-gerrymandering

Once again the Supreme Court deals a hammer blow to the legitimacy of the American political system.


Another indicator, contrary to domination rhetoric, that people ARE learning something about the history of this country and realizing that the velvet fist days are over. The ONLY reason the US of A has ever made progress on issues of corruption, manipulation of the justice system, the “elections” and predatory capitalism - is because PEOPLE DIG IN AND FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT. And people do this because all of us know - deep in our bones - that at some point we have to re-create an overarching armature of recognizable reins on the shadow actions of certain human propensities.

Whether we can evolve past the dualism/schizophrenic/ projection/narcissistic domination mind twists is perhaps one of major fights requiring solidarity across generations.

Mother Nature has already begun to warm up and batting last comes in with exponential turns on the dynamics being introduced.

That which we do to the least of us, we do to ourselves. We disregard that and other age-old caveats at our own risk. On the other hand, attending to wisdom is often one of the most effective forms of armor.

The domination construct could conceivably fully install it’s dystopian techno desert on all but the 1% - but it would be poisonous and short-lived. Today we are experiencing the steel reinforcement globalization stage awash in its own toxicity from mental conception to roll out.


Judge: “Young woman, are you trying to show contempt for this court?”

Mae West: “No, your honor—I’m trying my best to hide it!”


They got away with a blatantly obvious stolen election in 2000 as well as the Democratic Primary in 2016. Now they don’t care who knows how corrupt and rigged the elections are-- but most citizens still march in lockstep to the polls like it makes a difference.

"Fiasco for Democracy’? This absolutely is not a Democracy now and it never was. But they keep throwing the word around like nobody knows that.

Not one candidate has addressed this issue, which is one of, if not THE most, pressing problems that We the People face. Until it is fixed, it is quite obvious that we have no power at all within the system.


This is one of the most harmful arms of the right wing which is
capable of empowering even further the forces of evil taking hold.

Their aloofness is prized by its members as their primary contacts are
with Elites and wealthy –

Social conscience seems to be little discussed among them or raised
individually … how often have we heard anything from either of the three
women on the court that would center the nation’s attention on the
continuing oppression of women around the world and in the United States
in so many ways, including the lack of an Equal Rights Amendment?

And the welfare of our children? Given what has been happening in the
US to our children with 20% suffering homelessness and hunger – where
are the three females on our Supreme Court who should be speaking out?

And other children of the world we are murdering and maiming in US wars
resulting in refugees now in the tens of millions seeking new homelands.
They must move on from the dangers of war, crime and corruption but only
to be met in the US with even further dangers to themselves and their children.

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In a democracy voters chose their politicians.

Fascism includes gerrymandering that enables politicians to chose their voters.


Trump could appoint a third justice soon given the age of RBG. My hope is progressives think about this at the voting booth in 2020. If that happens, we can’t rely on John Roberts to be a “swing”—and I use that word lightly because he’s a business conservative in every way—vote anymore.

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While you are generally correct in that observation –

In the US Elites have been choosing our politicians, our candidates
pretty much since time began.

gerrrymandering will just make it a good bit easier for them to do.

Elitism is fascism –
Elite/Patriarchy is fascism all over the world –

And it was our Founders who gave us Elite/Patriarchy rather than democracy.
They also continued on with GENOCIDE against the native people here and
around the world. And GUARANTEED the Civil War by saving and supporting
the system of SLAVERY for their fellow Elites. The Civil War further benefitted
Elites by splitting the nation into two camps of hatred which still echo today.
An immediate dividing of the nation they are still so fond of doing.


“Those who make peaceful change impossible make violent change inevitable.”

  • JFK

What about that statement where we should not have taxation without representation? Well - it seems like that is what a lot of american politicians like - taking our money without us having any say in how it is used. This is a form of slavery. How many of our politicians are lined up against a true democracy and how do we get them out?

In my mind, the Supreme Court has become irrelevant.


This ruling should make it patently obvious that the Supreme Court of the United States of America bases its rulings , not on the rule of law , but on which Political Party it will benefit the most. The “justice is Blind” statue just another of those long standing myths about the nature of the US Political system.

As others have pointed out, this not a new thing. It goes way back to the Nations Founders who were the 1 percent and wanted to ensure it was always about the 1 percent. All of the rights the people take for granted were not something that 1 percent “granted them”. It was something they had to seize for themselves.

The enemy of the people IS the ruling elite , no matter the Political Party they represent.


that’s pretty good, you old goat!

The problem is, the only people who can make gerrymandering illegal, are the people who may have been gerrymandered into office. Even though Congress can make changes, including to the Supreme Court, they are unlikely to do anything constructive.




There’s simply not enough contempt that I can show for this court.


This fiasco would not exist if Clinton were a president. This fiasco will be repeated many times over because of Trump appointments . Such fiasco is caused by loud mouth circular firing squads of “greens” and never … fringes. They are still here they are still loud and they are still causing such fiascos.

What an interesting statement ! are you asserting Clinton would have appointed judges who would have voted the same ? Nonsense and hot air . Founding fathers thrived for balance of power , it has been imperfect yet which system is perfect ?!

Primaries are defined by each political party , gerrymandering is affecting federal level elections. Apples and oranges . Rules of the game are different and imperfect, internal party rules though are … internal.