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'Fifteen Bucks and a Union': Bernie Sanders Marches With Striking Workers


'Fifteen Bucks and a Union': Bernie Sanders Marches With Striking Workers

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

As thousands of low-paid workers staged demonstrations across the U.S. on Tuesday, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) spoke to a Fight for $15 rally in Washington, D.C. to credit their movement with recent victories and reiterate his support for a $15 federal minimum wage.


Yes, Sanders did turn to the right, but that's what sells to post-Clinton liberals and Democrats. Sanders, of course, was never a socialist, and I don't know where that silliness came from. He was an Independent, is now a Democrat, and is a solid capitalist. The Dem Party has moved far to the right since the 1980s -- that's what the paying customers want. Obviously, this is an anti-socialist generation; they so strongly believe in the success of the corporate state that they think everyone is able to work, there are jobs for all, therefore no need for poverty relief.

It actually is true that Sen. Sanders used to speak out powerfully about US poverty and the need for legit poverty relief programs -- something that even most Republicans once supported -- but that doesn't sell to today's middle class campaign donors.


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Senator Sanders has been a lifelong socialist (while a student at Univ of Chicago, Sanders was a member of the Young People's Socialist League) and ran as an Independent in his state of Vermont. As for his pandering to "paying customers." that is patently and verifiably false. His message has not changed throughout his entire political career. He has consistently advocated for his constituents and ALL citizens, especially those who have to work one or more jobs just to make ends meet. He has promoted universal health care and workers being paid living wages PLUS benefits. Bernie fervently believes that EVERYONE deserves a chance to succeed in life through education, training, living wages, health care, climate change, and retirement benefits beyond Social Security.

His participation in this "Fifteen Bucks and a Union" march speaks volumes about his integrity, sincerity, and support of ALL American workers!



You are so full of it that generous site donors ought to sponsor you with an enema kit.

It is NOT middle class people who fund campaigns. Half of all donations come from about 200 wealthy families. If your idea of the middle class are individuals making over a million a year, then you should learn what Middle Class means.

The Middle Class is under attack. And basically, any people who work for their daily bread could be called "working class." It's YOU, and always YOU who pushes this anti Middle-Class message in these threads. As if it isn't corporations, i.e. the 1% who are pulling ALL the strings.

As if this nation has not been tainted by plutocracy. As if the Supreme Court (in "Citizens United") didn't give the wealthiest carte blanche to purchase politicians who do THEIR bidding.

Take your disinformation and shove it where the sun don't shine.

You probably LIKE Paul Ryan and that would explain your constant bashing of Sanders and middle class human beings, the vast majority of whom are now struggling to keep up with the ever-increasing costs of life.


Although he promised (during his 2008 campaign) to march with workers, for seven years Obama has stayed as far away from workers' marches as any US President ever has, refusing to even acknowledge workers' actions.

Although Sanders never promised to walk with workers, he is doing so prior to the start of the primaries.

Anybody who alleges that Sanders is like Obama is ignoring this and other evidence.


Yes, $15 & a Union. The Solar Workers Union #1, supports Bernie. When will Bernie speak up for the State of Maine's new solar law? If you build a house with 100-solar panels in Maine, the PUC requires Utilities to pay $0.33 kWh for solar. This gives you $2,000 / mo. income from solar. This creates JOBS that cannot be off-shored. This is known as the #1 best way to stop global warming. This helps rePower the planet. And helps end sexism, poverty, crime & racism.


The kind of people sending there $4. dollars to Bernie are single mothers who want better schools for their kids, seniors who want respect in their last years, teens who are hoping for a JOB when they graduate from Hi School. Yes, even teens are turned on by Bernie. Turned on by his calls for a political & economic revolution. Bernie build 100-panel solar homes to stop global warming.


Clinton tweets out support for the effort. Sanders is physically there with the strikers.


Tax the rich and make them pay their fair share. End the wars and use our resources to rebuild our country. Bernie Sanders can help us do it.


You have to ignore a lot to pretend that Sanders doesn't speak out powerfully against poverty.

But you know that because I've pointed it out to you before with links to his speeches.

Q: So what do you call someone who continues to post already disproved nonsense?

A: DHFabian


We get it. You hate everybody. But Bernie Sanders is just being polite for godsakes. He'll be a gracious winner if the Black queen of Corps Clinton will die a very deserving death (politically.)

Unlike Mr. Donald Dump, Bernie seems to get along with everyone even though his Bills oppose the right-wing occupant of the White House.

There's a moral in there somewhere...


Unfortunately, Fabian is largely correct that too many of those in the American bourgeoisie have forgotten about the real working class (think of those who make less than $15/hr. in this country and elsewhere where the products this affluent middle class purchases are made (think of Mexico, China, etc.). Too many Americans forget their struggling fellow citizens once they attain their place in some private cubicle or a cushy union-backed permanent government position. Americans love capitalism when it is going well for them personally.


You keep posting this same garbage over at Alternet.

And frankly the implication that a big raise in the minimum wage, something Sanders advocates, wouldn't help the working poor a great deal is delusional.

Then, has Obama been perfect? No. But imagine president McCain.
Do you really think there's some percentage for Sanders to bash Obama? Of course not. It would be a big favor to HRC and her supporters.

Indeed you look to be trying to do favors for Hillary Clinton by pretending there's no difference between Sanders and HRC.


Plenty of very educated people support Sanders.

You seem to have confused education and being smart with having great wealth.

Jeb and W are idiots. Just by way of example.


DFabian is pretending that HRC and Sanders are the same, it's a big favor to HRC supporters.


I suspect DFabian be a Clinton supporter.

In other words, "Sanders and Clinton are the same, don't bother with Bernie."

You'll note DFabian never goes on about HRC's sins, and abuse of the poor and workers.


Bernie has not 'come-out' against Empire and against this modern deceitful and Disguised Global Crony-Capitalist Empire --- which has 'captured', controls, and hides behind both the neocon 'R' Vichy party AND the smoother lying neoliberal-con 'D' Vichy party --- which is why no Democrat will ever stand-up with the oppressed 'subjects' of this god damned Empire and 'expose' it as the central CASUAL CANCER of all our oppressive 'issues', of all our 'symptom problems', and of our entire "ailing social order", which only the truly socialist Green good doctor Stein has diagnosed, shouts-out against, and has committed in her "Power to the People Plan" to confront through treatment or excision to cure our 'body politic'.

" Establish a foreign policy based on diplomacy, international law, and human rights. End the wars and drone attacks, cut military spending by at least 50% and close the 700+ foreign military bases that are turning our republic into a bankrupt empire"


Because because now Sanders isn't perfect but really he used to be--snark; it's a tiresome line by the likes of DFabian and tuna.

Of course Sanders is a far better candidate than HRC, and is more likely to win the general election.


It is going well for me personally, but I don't love capitalism, and I never forget my struggling fellow citizens.The problem is that there are lots of people out there who are getting clobbered by capitalism, and aren't aware of it.Like the 70 year old "freelance" garbage collector I ran into once, whose beaten down pickup truck was decorated with Bush stickers.