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Fifteen-Hour Gun Control Filibuster Bears Little Meaningful Fruit



So it's up to we the people to demand meaningful fruit, become those abolitionists. There's a petition now awaiting response from the White House (but of course it would be strengthened by additional signatures) to ban the AR-15. And the Brady Campaign is marshaling citizen forces to demand meaningful follow-through. It's really a matter of not again squandering the momentum.


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This Filibuster was a Marathon of Free, Staged Sound Bite Opportunities for all Politicians who wanted to participate.

Well, not exactly free.

We the People paid for it, of course.


This from PDA today:

"The Defense Appropriations bill, HR.5293, is on the floor of the Congress tight now. 75 amendments will receive votes, starting and maybe finishing today. Here are four top amendments to focus on. Please call your member of Congress and ask them to vote YES on these four amendments."

"Ask for the staffer working on budget issues or defense issues, identify yourself as a constituent, and strongly urge the Congress person to reflect your priorities and values by voting yes on all 4 amendments:

Amendment #13 - Quigley - Decrease funding for the Long Range Standoff Weapon (LRSO, new air-launched nuclear armed cruise missile) by $75 million and increase the spending reduction account by the same amount.
Amendment #40 - Conyers - Blocks funds from being used to transfer or authorize the transfer of cluster munitions to Saudi Arabia.
Amendment #42 - Gabbard - Prohibits funds for the Syria Train & Equip (Violent regime change) program."
Amendment #44 - McGovern - No funds may be obligated or spent for combat operations in Iraq or Syria unless the Congress passes a new Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF)."

Yesterday, the filibustering politicians missed this connection:


The Dems don't want to pass it, therefore they rely on the others to reject their hypocritcal intent and filibuster. Sinha has it right, not doing anything is the what the purpose is and is the safest political path.


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My thoughts exactly.