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Fifteen Years of Lessons Not Learned


Fifteen Years of Lessons Not Learned

Howard Zinn

October 7 marks the fifteenth anniversary of the beginning of the longest war in U.S. history. Midday on Sunday October 7, 2001 U.S. president George W. Bush addressed the nation from the Treaty Room in the White House. As Bush himself noted, this is “a place where American presidents have worked for peace.”


Thanks for re-publishing this excellent article, CD. Wish we could get the PTB to read it with minds open to peace instead of profits. I am reminded of the song "Vincent"

They were not listening
They are not listening still.
I wonder if they ever will.


When I went up north to WI to visit family this last summer, the state flattened by Walker's meanness and me with my "feel the bern" bumper sticker still blazing, I felt inadequate to respond to the despair in the faces and voices of my neices and nephews. In truth, I was an delfated as they were by the election. So, for my nephew who has such a good heart and such shining eyes, I bought a copy of A People's History and sent it up his way when I got home.

Geezus, I miss Howard and some of the other wise one's that had been there and done that and still had those shining eyes.


One by one, the light of those like Howard Zinn who fought the good fight go out. Where are those to replace him?


Howard Zinn and Naomi Klein are the real deal.


Zinn, a brilliant and unique individual to be sure. He will be missed.
I wish it was all about stopping terrorism but it's not. We fund and use terrorists all over the world to further the cause of the war profiteers and paranoia of Netanyahu. Our leaders don't want to stop it and so it won't stop until enough pressure is brought to bear to force it, one way or the other.


"We are committing terrorism." And we have not stopped.
We miss voices of truth like veteran Mr. Zinn.


Only a total change in how people interact, and view and conduct their actions to the World will be enough.
Really, this Big Change is happening; but, we must look and feel deep beyond the daily propaganda.
Compassion, sharing, and Love is the Way! Ah, and much perseverance/patience is necessary!


Your post reminded me of Paul Wellstone's suspicious fatality.


This is the sad but logical conclusion of "liberalism" moving continuously to the right. A pro-war corporatist and her right-to-work mate now represent the boundary of acceptable liberalism, with the nodding approval of the New York Times and other soi-disant liberals.


There was nothing suspicious about Paul Wellstone's assassination. The Republicans were desperate for a Senate majority, and Karl Rove had just the man whom he wanted to replace Wellstone and create that majority. Bringing about the crash of the Beech King Air plane was no more difficult than the task of dropping the King Air of John Ashcroft's Democratic challenger in Missouri two years before. For everyone else, the Beech King Air is regarded as one of the safest planes in the sky, but NOT if you are a Democrat at election time. The FAA should require a placard on the instrument panel of every King Air warning of election season instability for challengers of the status quo.


It's really 60 years of lessons not learned, from the year (1956) that the USA abrogated the 1954 Geneva Convention on the reunification of Vietnam and started activities to destabilise and defeat the populist Ho Chi Minh government in Hanoi.


Howard Zinn always made such good sense. It's a mystery to me why his views didn't thrive.


Because Zinn challenged our founding myths. Thankfully, there are other historians working the same vein still with us. Zinn endorsed the People's History of the American Revolution by Ray Raphael, a lesser known name, yet the author of 17 books, many exploring the untold history of the US and exploding the narratives that disempower We the People. WATCH!


"And the Owning Class well knows it. They know they sit on a house of cards made up of Wall Street swindles and labor exploitation that's getting as bad as the 19th Century."

I agree that they know it. What strikes me as so very ironic is that the become increasing blatant and vicious about it, hurrying the day of collapse forward. They could probably draw it out much further if the would pretend to care (ha) and throw a few crumbs to the populace. We would probably stay in sheeple mode far longer...


What is the Will of Heaven & God?
It is the Will of Heaven that you end your ceaseless conflicts, for you cannot afford to destroy your peoples & your cities now. You will need all the resources of the world, all the resources that you have, to contend with the Great Waves of change that are coming.You are asked to cease your endless conflicts and to never think that you can conduct violence here on Earth in the name of God—There are no holy warriors-nothing holy about war…..from newmessage.org and the new Sacred texts, The Will of Heaven.


Let's take it back to the start with the decimation of the native peoples and the native resources....


I miss you Howard so very much!


Which native peoples, when and where? Humans have been killing each other for resources for how many tens of thousands of years or more? We are just nastier at it.


Soul sister.